Unlimited Wedding Ceremony Locations

Unlimited Wedding Ceremony Locations

If you’ve seen our post about ceremonies, you probably know all about our gorgeous cedar arch overlooking the lake. It’s the perfect spot if you want a ceremony overlooking the lake, but what if a rustic, but formal, arch isn’t your style? That’s exactly what we’re going to address today.

We’ve scoured our venue to find the perfect location for a ceremony, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other locations throughout our venue to offer beautiful views for your ceremony. The first location we’ll talk about is under the reception barn. We’ve created this space to be the rainy day backup ceremony location. It also overlooks the lake, and is from a higher elevation, giving almost all of your seated guests a beautiful view of the lake. This spot is under a high pitched gabled roof (the area just above the stairs landing). It, too, is a more formal ceremony location because of the architectural symmetry. It’s an ideal ceremony location on a rainy day.

Our venue is also for the more casual bride. Some brides just want an open field to get married in. Weddings set out in a more natural setting are romantically idealistic, but not always practical. Where will you get ready? Where will your guests go to the restroom? What about a facility for your caterer to set up? And who is going to transport all the necessary materials to your remote wedding site (tables, chairs, restrooms, ceremony seating, etc.)? We have the perfect solution. Just behind our typical ceremony location (think of seeing what your officiant would see during the ceremony) is a large open field. We typically mow the field before every weekend, so while it is natural, it is well kept. It also has a wooded edge, creating beautiful photographs.

Photography by Tin Can Photography

What about tying the knot in front of the fireplace? We have a large, stone fireplace down by the lake. It is typically surrounded by adirondak chairs, but it would take little effort to re-stage that area to be a ceremony location. Just think of how romantic your wedding could be with a fireplace full of candles, flickering in the breeze. Another benefit of this location is the opportunities for approach. The ladies or the men could approach the ceremony site via the hillside stairs, or you could make a surprise appearance from the screened gazebo.

So, even though we’ve found a perfect ceremony location at our venue already set up with the cedar arch, vintage pews, and shepherd’s hooks for your floral decorations, that doesn’t mean that you must use that specific ceremony location. One aspect that makes our property perfect for your wedding is that it is spacious and available. You can make your wedding your own at our venue. It’s all included in your reservation, so you might as well use it the way you want to use it. All you have to do is ask.**

**You’ll want to be sure to mention your alternate ceremony location ideas when booking our venue just to make sure it’s possible.

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