Thinking outside the mason jar

Thinking outside the mason jar

We’ve talked about the awesomeness that is a mason jar and the endless ideas of ways to incorporate them into your wedding. But let’s say you’re just over the whole mason jar thing. That’s cool. We get it. Today we’re going to explore some possibilities to free you from the norm.

A great place to start looking is in your home improvement store. Yep, that’s right. This little place has lots of inexpensive gems for decorating your wedding. If you head down the organization row, you’ll see all kinds of fun choices for buckets. Our favorite is the simple galvanized bucket. There are so many options for this humble workhorse of an item. First of all, they are stackable, so they won’t be taking up very much space as you plan out your big day. Second, you can use them to organize and transport all those gorgeous props and decorations to the venue. Once you get them to the venue they can hold the different toppings for your wedding s’more bar. Or, you could hang them on our shepherd hooks to line the aisle with a voluminous flower like hydrangeas. Or sit them on the ground at the end of the pews. Or if you want to make a statement down the aisle, you can get some large buckets (think beverage pail size) and fill them with hydrangeas. They would make a great element to your tablescape, just move them from your aisle to the table and surround them with a few more table decorations and you’ll be good to go.

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Another fun piece we like is a glass soda bottle. Soda bottles are a remembrance of simpler days gone by, when families went out for a Sunday drive after church. Get a few while you’re planning your engagement or bridal party and have your friends help you empty out a few bottles. If you want to keep things simple, just get a few (maybe 5-7) bottles and add in a simple daisy for a nod to the good ‘ol days. If you want to go with a more rustic theme, you can grab a small piece of burlap and wrap it with twine. Then fill it with some of your favorite wildflowers. Vintage elegance more your style? Add some lace dripping with pearls and set them on a mirrored tray with some small votives sprinkled around.

Why stop at metal buckets and soda bottles? There are all kinds of things you can find in common places or your favorite vintage shopping spot. Apple baskets are awesome for fall weddings. Vintage-style glass canisters can hold food items. Milk glass vases give some fun vintage charm to a table. Or you could get creative and wrap your favorite large tin can with twine, making a natural looking vase.

Do these ideas have the juices flowing? Why not share your genius wedding decor idea and help out future Spring Lake brides on our Facebook page? We’d love to hear your awesome idea!

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