The Prefect Wedding Gift

The Prefect Wedding Gift

Wedding Gift Getting married is such an exciting time for a couple. Not only are you making a commitment to the person you love but you also get a big party to celebrate the day. You get a cake, a dance, all your friends and family with you. Then there are the presents- a ton of them. Im having a hard time deciding whats the best part!

I have always bought personal gifts for the couple based off our friendship. When my friends Jeff and Teresa got married, my boyfriend and I bought them a Coo Coo Clock. Not a normal present for most but my boyfriend, the bride and groom and I had all gone to Germany together a year earlier. That is where they got engaged. To them, the Coo Coo Clock was the perfect gift.  They knew we had really thought about them and picked out something that will always make them think of us and our trip

My bestfriend growing up, her parents received a trash can, on their wedding day, full of useful household items to help them set up housekeeping. I remember them showing me that very same trash can on their 30th wedding anniversary. I thought it was bizarre as a teenager but looking back, it was a present that they have had their entire marriage and they both never forgot when and who got it for them. Those dishtowels that came with it were long gone.

I have also been invited to weddings where I  have bought off the traditional registry. Although very helpful, it is less personal and holds no lasting memory. Buying a china setting is about as exciting to me as going to the DMV. Chances are the China settings may never be used and get stuck away in a closet. Can you imagine the couple acknowledging all eight people who bought them a place setting everytime they use it? What if they only have a dinner party for four? Do only four wedding guests get the acknowledgment or thought of?

Whether the gift be very sentimental like the German Coo Coo Clock or a Waterford Crystal vase because I know you love Ireland or an American Flag to adorn proudly on holidays, you will remember what guest spent the time to think about you , what you mean to them , what your friendship means. 

Whatever your person preference is on wedding gifts, the couple will love and appreciate whatever you decide to get them. At the end of the day, the gift is supposed to be something to help the couple out. But if you are like me, you like to arrive to a wedding with a present whose wrapping is talked about by all the guest, moreover, what is inside is talked about for many years to come. What was your favorite wedding gift you received or you gave?

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