Staying warm at an outdoor wedding venue

Staying warm at an outdoor wedding venue

So you took the plunge and decided on an October, November, or March wedding date. Great plan! Early March and November are typically off-season months for wedding venues and that means you scored a sweet deal! And now that your wedding is nearing, you are realizing that it’s getting pretty chilly outside in the evenings (or even in the shade, for that matter!). We’re going to talk about staying warm in the cooler months of the year at that dreamy outdoor wedding venue that you’ve always imagined.

First, let’s talk clothes. Have you selected your dress yet? If not, it needs to have lots of layers. Not all dresses with layers are big and puffy. You’d be surprised how many layers are hiding under a sleek lace wedding dress. But if your dream dress doesn’t have many layers, you can always add some warm goodness under there. (Even though you’ll be needing some extra warmth, don’t overdo it! You’ll be surprised how quickly a polyester lining warms up when you’re bouncing around visiting long lost friends and family.:) And what about your arms? Most wedding dresses these days are shoulder-less, or have very thin lacy sleeves. Think classic style, like something you could imagine Audrey Hepburn wearing in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. (You want to make sure the clothing in your wedding photos never goes out of style.) A short, furry jacket or even a sparkly beaded leather jacket. Head here for some inspiration. And what about that handsome man of yours? He’s probably wearing a jacket, too. You could give him a gentle nudge that you’re getting a chill and he’ll probably drape his warm, snuggly jacket over those bare shoulders of yours. And be happy to do it, too. ūüėČ

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And what about your venue? Can you build a fire there to keep you warm if you’ll be hanging out in the elements? If it’s outdoor, does it have a building? Is the building sheltered from the elements, or will there be a cross breeze? And what about those awesome heaters they have at restaurants? We know you’re thinking about these things, and we’ve got all the answers.

We love it that we can offer a fireplace to our couples. Not only is it an awesome opportunity for some summer-time s’mores, but it’s functional too! We know the end of November can get a little bit chilly, but you won’t want to miss the sunset over our gorgeous lake! Of course you could stand on the front steps of our reception barn to see the view, but it’s so much more beautiful when you’re sitting beside a crackling fire down next to the lake. Hopefully with your sweetheart’s jacket over your shoulders and his arm around you (wink wink!).

And soon after building our barn, we decided to add barn doors to the large open ends. Our valley is amazing in the summer because of the cross breezes, but a breeze is the last thing you want on a cool evening, and our barn doors are the perfect solution. They just slide closed and block out all the draft. And just in case you’re still feeling a chill, we have outdoor space heaters to liven the place up. You won’t have a thing to worry about if you want to have a wedding at Spring Lake during the cooler months of the year.

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