S’more wedding goodness!

S’more wedding goodness!

It’s that time of year. The time when lightning bugs are out, the woods are humming with the lulling sound of summer evenings, and our outdoor fireplace takes center stage as the s’more kitchen during summer weddings. S’mores are a part of some of the best family memories, and definitely make for a fun, casual, and inexpensive entertainment option for your Spring Lake wedding. Imagine, after dinner when the lake is barely glowing with the setting sun, you and your new husband grab hands and walk down to the fireplace by the water to check in on your guests indulging in some messy s’more goodness. You can grab a marshmallow, a chocolate, and a graham cracker and make up your own little decadent piece of summer evening heaven, too.

Not only are s’mores delicious, fun, and inexpensive, they’re so easy to turn them into something special. You could offer your guests the traditional s’more. Just a marshmallow, a piece of a chocolate bar, and a simple graham cracker. Or you could get fancy with it and offer an all-out s’more bar, complete with toppings and complimentary drinks. You could pre-stick your marshmallows with cute sticks that match the theme of your wedding, or you could “spice things up” with the option of offering cinnamon covered graham crackers (pun-intended). And if you don’t want to drip chocolate on your gorgeous wedding gown, you could start of with a stuffed marshmallow (the chocolate inside the marshmallow) to prevent a drip down your dress.

We’ve even seen little s’more gift boxes given to the guests as favors. Just assemble them before the wedding and have someone hand them out after the cake cutting. That way, your guests can take their s’more box down to the fireplace and assemble their own summer evening treat.

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