Sitting Lakeside at Spring Lake

Sitting Lakeside at Spring Lake

We’re going to take a break from the normal wedding planning posts to talk about what we’re all here for anyway: love. It’s why you’re getting married, and wanting to spend the rest of your life with your best friend. Right now, you’re probably stressing out over cake designs, getting fitted for your dress, finalizing your honeymoon details, and the list goes on. It’s probably all you can think or talk about, and let’s be honest, you’re probably dreaming about what flowers to choose while you’re asleep.

But on your wedding day, all of that will finally be over. Everything will be chosen and in place just like you dreamed it would be. You’ll be surrounded by your friends and family, and holding hands with the man of your dreams. And you’ll be married. A wife. Mrs. _______. And our hope is that Spring Lake provides you every opportunity you could ever want to spend a quiet minute away with you man. We have a number of spaces set up for different group sizes (the reception barn, the ceremony arch, the fireplace, the truck, the screened porch/bar down by the water), including a few sets of chairs for you to escape to and spend a few minutes talking about the day, your dreams together, or just reminisce on life in general.

Imagine it. Your family is up at the reception barn finishing up dinner. The dishes are clanging around from the cleanup happening. People are starting to stir. You and your husband (whoa. Yes, he’ll be your husband by then), hold hands and walk down the hill to the shaded adirondak chairs. The summer bugs are doing their chirping, the breeze is blowing through the valley, and the lake is glistening. It feels so nice to sit down and have a quiet minute away from the bustle. You reach out to your guy to grab his hand and there’s a ring there now. If there’s ever any time to be sweet and mushy and tell him how much you love him, this is the time. Or, if you’ve planned ahead and are better at expressing your feelings through writing, you could exchange love letters. (Just be sure he knows to write one too!)

Photography by Amy Zumwalt Photography

These few moments are the moments that will create lasting memories. They’re the moments you’ll cherish after the day is over and all your guests have gone home. And the relief you both will feel that wedding planning is finally over, coupled with the excitement of moving ahead as a married couple, will (hopefully) bring you a peaceful joy.

You’ll most likely only have a few minutes alone together before you’re spied by the ring bearer who wants you to come back to the party so they will cut the cake (and he can have some). And your photographer will have found you by then and will be coming down to capture the moment with the ring bearer, and your quiet moment with you husband will be over for now. The party will go on and you’ll eat cake, throw your flowers, and you’ll probably even dance the night away.

And then you’ll get to go home with him. The man of your dreams that you only got a few minutes alone with. You will get to spend all the time in the world with him. You get to see him when you wake up in the morning and his sweet face is the last you’ll see before putting your head on the pillow to sleep. You’re married.

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