Rustic Wedding Themes

Rustic Wedding Themes

 Weddings are a time to bring families together. Weddings are also a time for the bride and groom to create a wedding theme that reflects who they are together. Couples are changing from a traditional theme with hats, gloves and tuxedos, to a more personal style. Some of us have seen the videos of the bridal party dancing down the aisles to a rap song, or at the wedding reception where the groom starts break dancing to Funky Cold Medina. However, some couples are a little less off the traditional trail and going with a rustic/outdoorsy ceremony. These types of wedding can be as detailed and beautiful as a conventional wedding.

 At our Wedding Venue, Spring Lake in Rockmart, Georgia, we have made many a brides dreams come true with adding little touches of her and the groom to the ceremony and the surroundings. The wedding guests are seated in our antique pews. The Bride and Groom say there vows under a vine and flower wrapped archway nestled next to our lake. The willow trees and the cattails dance in the wind as the sun sets while a white horse looks up from its feeding to watch the newlyweds kiss.

 The style most of our brides have selected are rustic and outdoorsy too. Some elect to wear a leather belt around their waste and matching cowboy boots that say, “I Do” on the bottom of the boots. The groomsman, all in brown jeans, white shirts, boots and suspenders. W e have added our own touches to the facility to make it a more romantic setting. We have a 1930’s Ford truck that our brides love to have their pictures made on. There are two Adirondack chairs on the lakeside with bride and groom signs hung from the back. And our rustic lodge style reception building with giant chandeliers made of twigs and pine cones.

 Spring Lake is the perfect destination for bringing families together, creating a dream filled ceremony, and partying blue grass style at the reception. Moreover, it is a romantic setting that will make even married couples fall in love all over again.

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