Rustic Wedding Favors

Rustic Wedding Favors

 Rustic weddings are one of the hottest wedding trends and our coordinating rustic wedding favors and decorations will set the tone for your wedding at Spring Lake, Georgia’s Vintage Wedding Venue. When you think of a rustic wedding, you may think earth elements, the forest, a farm, the countryside. Down home charm, warm colors, a friendly atmosphere. Whether your frolicking in a field with the warm summer sun to take your wedding photographs while your guests are sipping on a cold bottled coke, or having your new husband lead you to the dance floor in your matching cowboy boots, a rustic wedding exudes charm and style.

To create a shabby chic rustic atmosphere, it is important to pick elements and decor that reflect the setting. Small close pins can hold your escort cards, or little hay stacks can seat your guests at their tables. A picture frame made of sticks can serve as a wedding favor. Tables can be decorated with wooden elements such as scented pine cones. Centerpieces can be beautiful luminaries, vine baskets filled with wildflowers or small lanterns that guests can take home. Think birdhouses, cinnamon sticks, corn stalks, lavender springs, twigs and vines, berries, Mason jars, burlap bags and small jars of homemade jam or honey.

Take a look at our gallery or videos at and let our designers help you make your Rustic Wedding a fairy tail.

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