Lakeside Wedding Gazebo

Lakeside Wedding Gazebo

If you’ve been reading our blog over the past few months, you’ve probably seen photos of our screened in gazebo. We think it’s a perfect space to use on your wedding day. It’s right on the water. It is next to the ceremony location. You can see it from the reception barn. You can see the reception barn from it (meaning no one will miss the cake cutting. ;)). The boys (and men) can fish off the front. You can use it for photos. The possibilities are endless. We’re going to talk today about how to incorporate it into your wedding.

There are immediately three uses of the gazebo that come to mind. The first idea is to use it as a bar. We’ve got you all set up already with a dry bar area inside. It doesn’t take up the entire space, but it’s just the right size bar to serve up those pre-ceremony (or post ceremony) lemonades and sweet teas for your guests in the heat of summer, or to serve beer to the guys when they want to sneak away during the reception. Since it’s screened in, it provides a nice breezy, shaded area for them to hang out. And when there’s no breeze, you can create your own with the ceiling fan inside. It’s a great place to kick back and relax with lots of comfortable seating and an incredible view of the lake. You’ll probably have to send someone down there to get the guys if you do let them sneak off during the reception; they might night want to come back to the party!

The second idea is to use it for photos. Our photographers never cease to amaze us with the creativity of photos in and around the gazebo. We’ve seen all kinds of ideas. From fishing off the dock, couples swinging in the swing, or there’s the old standby of couples kissing from the dock with the gorgeous lake and field in the background (still amazing every time). One of our favorites is seeing couples dangling their feet from the dock. It’s so casual and romantic, it’s just like something you’d see in a movie. It’s also a great vantage point for your photographer to take photos of you out on the lake in our canoe. And the screen door provides a layering element your photographer will love using.

Photography by Morning Light by Michelle Ladreau

And finally. One of our favorite ideas. How to use the gazebo in your ceremony. One of the things that makes our venue unique is our ceremony location. It’s remote enough to feel like you’re getting married in a field facing a lake, but close enough to the reception barn to get ready and walk a few yards to the ceremony. But that walk can be a challenge to the bride who wants to surprise her groom. One solution is to hide the groom in the gazebo. He has a comfortable space to wait while the guests arrive without being seen, and can easily walk to his position at the cedar arch. You can even keep him hidden until the bride gets near the ceremony location (in a hidden spot), and the let him come out at the last minute to peek at his bride just as she begins walking down the aisle. Or, if you’re truly dedicated to the idea of your guests seeing the bride at the very last moment, is to hide the bride in the gazebo (before all the guests arrive) until she is ready to walk down the aisle.

We love our gazebo and the versatility it provides to our couples. Do you have a plan for how to incorporate the gazebo into your wedding? Or did you use it for your wedding? We’re starting the conversation on Facebook! Meet us there!

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