Lakeside happiness on wedding day

Lakeside happiness on wedding day

What’s better than sitting out by the lake sipping on your favorite drink with all your favorite friends and family? What about chilling in a stand-alone screened porch swinging in a porch swing? And be handing out your signature wine or beer (or kool-aid, if that’s your style)? Yep. That’s right. Our screened porch is like no other building you’ve ever seen before.

It has screened doors just like Grandma used to have and instead of walls it’s entirely screened in. We added a few swings and chairs to give you a place to chill, and added french screen doors that open up to the lake. And for those warm summer nights, you’ll have a ceiling fan to get the breezes flowing. And when sitting “inside” gets too crowded, you can head out to the porch/dock that overlooks the water. And let your feet hang off over the water.

Photography by Beloved Photography

Okay. So we admit, sitting out by the water isn’t quite as much fun as getting out on the water. That’s why we added our red canoe. That’s right. It’s authentic and adorable. All you need on wedding day is to hand your gorgeous groom the oars and grab your photographer for some fun and romantic moments out on the lake that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. It’s not every day you get to look absolutely amazing and have a handsome man row you around a lake for a fairy-tale-like moment out on a picture perfect lake. And to top it all off, you’ll probably have a photographer by your side to make timeless artwork of the entire moment. We think it’s a recipe for wedding day magic.

Photography by Amy Zumwalt

Our red canoe and screened porch are just two elements we’ve put in place to help make your wedding day magical. There are special details at every turn that not only add charm and character to Spring Lake, but they make your job easier and more fun on wedding day. Want handmade signs telling your guests where to go? We’ve got you covered. What about a cool vintage bike to get your photo made with? Already here. A rusty vintage truck with character? Check! Less planning for you and more fun on wedding day. We’re all about making your job easier as a bride because we know you already have enough on your mind besides bringing your own canoe or setting up your own bar area.

Have other cool ideas you’d like to see at our venue? We’re always open to cool ideas. Head on over to our Facebook page and share your genius ideas with us!

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