Decorating your wedding venue?

Decorating your wedding venue?

We tend to think Spring Lake is the perfect venue. It’s rustic and natural but maintained. It’s country but can be sophisticated and elegant. It’s the perfect place for a summer wedding because of the cool valley breezes blowing across the lake. It’s just enough shelter to feel indoors and outdoors at the same time. It has just enough space to have all your favorite friends and family nearby but entertained. It’s decorated but still easy to personalize.

Today we’re going to talk about designing and decorating your space. We’ve seen so many adorable themes at Spring Lake. And then we’ve seen weddings that are all about the party and the people without many decorations at all. When we created Spring Lake, we brought in amazing details to spruce up the place and hand-selected many of the pieces here. But we also  intentionally kept the spaces flexible so that you can add your own touch. There are some venues that just need flowers. Or fancy tablecloths. Or elaborate theming. But not Spring Lake. Bringing in extra flowers or theming truly is optional here.

That being said, we do have a tendency to have weddings that lean towards the vintage or rustic ends of the design spectrum. We usually have mason jars here at our weddings. And we’ve seen a number of adorable pairs of cowboy boots. And hydrangeas. We love all of it. There’s just something about being outside surrounded by fields and a lake that just begs for those things. Want some inspiration? Check out this wedding album on our Facebook page or our Pinterest page for even more wedding eye candy!

Believe it or not, our barn venue even lends itself really well to elegant weddings with fluted centerpieces, three piece black tuxes, and a six tier wedding cake trimmed in black ribbon! You really can set the stage any way that you want to with a venue like ours.

Check out these three photos taken by Paris Mountain Photography of an elegant Spring Lake wedding.

And what if you’re just not into all that DIY wedding design or chatting it up with a florist? That’s okay, too! When you walk into the Spring Lake barn, it just feels like home. Just the way it is. The bare arbor is graced with weeping willows, and the clean simple lines of the pews are simply elegant without flowers. We’ll set up the barn with tables and chairs And believe us, the chandeliers will take all the attention. We’ve already got a cool container to hold your favors, and relaxing adirondak chairs for your to relax in with your sweetheart when your feet need a break from dancing. The screened-in bar even has a few homey touches to keep the party going down by the lake. You don’t need to bring a thing.

Well. Except yourself. And your groom. And that gorgeous dress!!!

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