Our Old Rusty Wedding Truck

Our Old Rusty Wedding Truck

If you’ve seen any photos of Spring Lake on our website or Facebook, you’ve probably seen the truck at the venue. As a matter of fact, it’s quite the highlight of wedding photos here at the farm. We’ve seen so many creative ideas come along  that involve our truck, we thought it deserved it’s own blog post.

The truck is a great place to take some formal portraits with your photographer. We think it’s pretty cool to have an old truck available that you can actually climb on (gently) to get some neat photos. Other venues have old cars available, but they don’t always give you permission to get in (or on) them. We don’t mind as long as you’re being careful to take care of our “old man.”


Photography by Nathan and Natosha

The “old man” has a great shape with lots of character that lens itself to all kinds of cool poses and photos. You could choose to be more dramatic and formal to show off your gorgeous wedding dress, or you could have some fun and jump off the flat bed in the back. The back of the truck is even a cute place to lay back and show off your awesome wedding shoes, especially if you have a message written on your soles.

Photography by Kiss the Bride Photography

If you haven’t stopped by Spring Lake for a look around, maybe you should call and schedule your engagement session here so you can have plenty of time to explore the place. We’ve had a number of couples do that, and have found it gives their wedding photographer a great chance to come up with some creative ideas for wedding photographs around our venue, especially the truck. Check out this really cool photo of a couple in their cowboy boots, showing off their engagement ring. So much character here!

Photography by LMB Photography

While we love our old truck, it’s only one piece of Spring Lake that makes it what it is. In the coming months, we’ll be showcasing other areas of the venue that you’ll love sharing with friends and family on your wedding day.

We know everyone has their own taste and style (especially when it comes to weddings), but we tend to think that authentic pieces with natural, vintage character win out every time. Pieces like our truck are true pieces of our history and heritage. They remind us of simpler times when cars didn’t have computers and people sat out on their front porch with a glass of sweet tea in hand to talk to their neighbors. We hope you feel that way while you’re here at Spring Lake. We hope that our venue takes you back to a simpler place, where the true things of value are highlighted and the worries of modern life fall away. Because that’s the way things ought to be. Especially on your wedding day.

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