How Much Wedding Cake Should You Have?

Georgia wedding venues can host tons of people. This can make planning challenging, especially when you’re unsure how many people will show up to your once-in-a-lifetime event.

Even when people RSVP to your wedding, it can be hard to plan out smaller details.


Should you have cupcakes, cake, or other treats? How big should your cake be? How many cupcakes should you have? How many other desserts will be at your Georgia wedding venue?


All of these questions are things every Georgian bride has to think about. Wedding cakes are a great custom and something that will not go away any time soon. They may serve as a piece of décor, a conversation starter, and a tasty treat all at the same time.


Luckily, we are here to help you understand cake sizing and answer questions you may not have even thought about.

Understanding How to Determine Wedding Cake Size

The first step in deciding on a cake size is to evaluate your guest list. You’re not going to need to count every guest because every person you invite will be different. Some may wish for seconds, and others may wish for no slices at all.


Typically, you may estimate the number of servings required by assuming that 75 to 85 percent of your guests would like a slice of cake. Consider if you want enough cake to satisfy every visitor, whether you want leftover cake, and the size of the cake piece you want to offer.


1-inch by 2-inch pieces are typical wedding cake portions. A bigger party size slice measures 1.5 by 2 inches. Many bakeries sell cake tiers that are 4-inches or 5-inches tall, which should be considered when calculating dimensions.


If you are confused about sizing or what to ask for, this is the time to work closely with your baker. They will have experience in baking for weddings and parties.


Keep in mind that the decor or style of cake also narrows down sizing options. Looking at wedding cake inspiration before you talk to your baker is crucial.


Take a guess on how many people are coming and add a few more to the list. This is the best way to figure out what size wedding cake you need for your Georgie venue.

Factors to Consider When Planning for Wedding Cake

When you are planning a Georgia wedding, you will want to focus on the wedding cake, and that’s okay. However, there are other things to consider that may directly impact how many people choose to have a slice of cake.

Will You Be Having Other Desserts?

A wedding cake is often the focal point of a dessert table. However, by including a range of snacks such as cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and even candies, you may not need as much cake. Consider providing enough dessert dishes for each visitor to enjoy one and a half things, such as a piece of cake, a cookie, or a brownie.

Will You Save the Top Tier?

On your first anniversary, save the top layer of your wedding cake to remember a significant event. If you want to follow this time-honored practice, be sure to include it in the size of your wedding cake. When calculating how much you need for a specific number of servings, leave off the top layer.