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How To Freeze The Top Layer Of Your Wedding Cake?

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Should You Freeze The Top Layer Of Your Wedding Cake? There is a long standing tradition of freezing the top layer of your wedding cake! This tradition stems from a traditional practice from the 1900’s of saving the top layer of the wedding cake and had used it for their first childs’ christening. Now it changed and adapted into the vintage wedding tradition we practice today.  Is it worth it? One of the first questions asked when it comes to saving the top layer of the wedding is: “Is it worth it?” People become very skeptical when it comes to saving a piece of cake in their freezer for a year. Whether it is due to making sure it does not get freezer burn or not having enough space in your freezer. It is controversial, some people loved it and thought that it was definitely worth saving it. Some didn’t [...]

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Showcasing Engagement Photos At Your Vintage Wedding

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How To Showcase Your Engagement Photos At Your Vintage Wedding You want to be able to show off your beautiful engagement photos at your wedding. This is the perfect window of opportunity to have photos that your guests haven’t seen before. You can make it special, unique and creative that not only you will love, but also your guests! Guest Sign-In As your guests file into the wedding venue and sign their names in your guest book, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase your engagement photos. There are many options you can go for when putting the design of the guest book together. You can have a collage of several of your favorite photos, to each page with a different photo of the newlywed couple. As each of your guests sign in as record for your big day, they will be able to flip through and see your beautiful [...]

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The Pandemic-Era Wedding

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The Pandemic-Era Wedding With the world still uncertain with the current pandemic, we still are not sure when it all will be over. People are compromising their dream of big weddings by settling with a smaller wedding and reception. Some people are even choosing just to elope to prevent any more risk of it spreading to their loved ones and friends. However, if you still wish to have a wedding despite it being on the smaller side, we have some great precautionary measures you can take for your safety and the safety of your guests! Custom Made Masks With everyone becoming accustomed to wearing masks, this can make for a great and useful gift that your guests can use! You can have your masks custom made with colors that match the color scheme of your wedding. If you have several colors in your palette, you can have each color made. [...]

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Why You Should Wear A Veil To Your Vintage Wedding

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Veils and Vintage Weddings There has always been a lot of controversy around the option of wearing a veil for the brides big day versus not wearing one. In the past few years, there is less and less brides choosing to wear veils. So here are some reasons to help persuade you of why you should definitely consider incorporating it into your special day. Tradition Throughout history, wearing a veil for your wedding has become a classic tradition. Originally soon-to-be wives would wear veils to protect them from evil spirits. There was even a period of time when the veil covering the brides face meant purity. However, in more recent years veils have become an addition to the wedding gown to help elevate the beauty of the bride and the gown. The Dress It is a great way to complete your outfit. The veil can be used as your special [...]

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