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Why You Should Have A Friday or Sunday Wedding

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The Benefits of Friday or Sunday Weddings There is always a lot of debate on what days are the best days to have your wedding on. A lot of people take into account pricing and when guests can come. So here is why you should consider having one of the biggest nights of your life either on a Friday or Sunday. Guests Pro: By doing this, you will ensure that all your guests will be incredibly close to you if they are willing to take this special trip out for you despite it being on a tight schedule. This will make your wedding night much more special and intimate. Pro: If you start the party later on a Friday night, then more likely people will be able to come and party late into the night. This allows for two days to recover if the party tends to get out of [...]

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What To Wear To Your Vintage Engagement Session

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What To Wear To Your Vintage Engagement Session It is always such an exciting event when it comes to getting your engagement photos done! The first question to pop in your head will be “what should I wear”? And you may be tempted to go out on a shopping spree, however you should first decide which look you and your spouse-to-be are going for. Here are some things to keep in mind! Be Yourself Make sure to wear clothes that make you feel like you. For example if you are a T-shirt and jeans enthusiast, wearing a gown and tux may not be for you. You should feel comfortable in your clothes. You can still dress up since it is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and you want your pictures to be perfect. Find an outfit that suits your personality and your spouses. If they don’t look comfortable in their clothes, it [...]

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How To Have an Environmentally Friendly Wedding

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How To Have a Green Wedding Recently, people have become more interested in sustainability. It is not surprising to see that people want to incorporate environmentally friendly options into vintage weddings since it's so easy to turn a vintage wedding into a green wedding, too! Ethical Wedding Rings Before deciding on an engagement ring and wedding bands, take this into consideration! Diamonds and other gemstone mining has left behind a negative history in its wake. Thousands of people have been negatively impacted due to the greed of diamond mining labors. That is why choosing an ethical and sustainable ring is the first step to a green wedding. There are many ways you can get around this, there are diamonds that are scientifically grown in labs. There is also the option of buying second-hand rings or even antique rings! It will give the sense of a unique vintage vibe. Paper and [...]

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Destination Wedding Vs Local Weddings

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Destination Wedding Vs Local Weddings Some people's dream wedding takes place in a few states away, while others have dreams of having a wedding in Italy or Paris! And for some, they want a small wedding just in their backyard. When it comes to deciding what course of action to take whether it be a wedding in the same city or in a different country, there are pro’s and con’s to each of them! Destination Wedding Planning For Destination Weddings there are so many variables that come into play.  Location Pro: The location you choose will be unique and beautiful! Con: Destination weddings tend to be more casual affairs than local weddings.  Pro: Since the scenery will be so different, unique and relaxing, so you and your guests will feel like you are on vacation. It will only contribute to the wedding experience! Price Pro: If you plan to have [...]

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How To Choose Your Bridal Party

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How To Choose Your Bridal Party When choosing people to be a part of your bridal party, this isn’t something you should take lightly. These people are going to be who you rely on most as you go through the process of planning a vintage wedding in Georgia. Here are some key components you should take into account when choosing groomsmen and bridesmaids. Family  It is best to start with your family! Your siblings are the best options when choosing your bridal party. They are family and always have your back! If your siblings are very young, you can consider them to be ushers or jr. attendants. You can also consider having the opposite sex in your party. For example, there is nothing that says the bride can’t have her brother be a bridesmaid or a maid of honor. Same goes for the groom, his sister can be in his [...]

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The Best Bridal Party Reception Ideas

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Bridal Party Reception Ideas When it comes to entering the reception in vintage wedding style, the bridal party knows how to make an entrance! Here are some great examples so that your bridal party can make a grand entrance for your special day. Classic Pick the music you would like your party to enter to and inform them before hand. As the background music with the fabulous groomsmen and bridesmaids follow. By pairing them up together, this is a great chance for the pair to do a fun dance together then begging forming a circle in the middle of the dance floor. Then finally the new couple will follow as they dance to the middle of the circle of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Next the bride and groom will separate with their bridal parties and dance their pre-rehearsed choreography. It is a fun way for everyone to show off some moves [...]

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Tips For Wedding Day Transportation

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Tips For Wedding Day Transportation The day of your wedding is always the craziest and high energy filled day! So here are some tips to help you get through the day and make your transportation a smooth transition to each site you need to go to. Booking Try to book your vehicle as early as possible! There are so many people who will be booking transportation for various reasons and events. For example if you are having a spring wedding and want to rent a limo, a lot of schools are having their proms around that same time. So we suggest to book about 4 to 6 months out. It will give you plenty of options as well as it will give your party plenty of time to learn the schedule and give your guests transportation options as well. FAQ’s Spend some time creating an FAQ because trust me, it [...]

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6 Ways to Make Your Wedding Look More Expensive Than It Really Was

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6 Ways to Make Your Wedding Look More Expensive Than It Really Was We are always looking for the best deals and save where we can, especially when it comes to wedding planning. So here are some ways where you can make you wedding look more expensive than it really was: Personalize It When planning your wedding, adding small and personal details make it that much more meaningful. An example of this is a bride wearing her mother or grandmothers wedding dress. You can also modify it to help it fit your body and can alter it so it suits your personality more. Another example is using your grandmother's fine china in the reception instead of buying or renting plates. Your Venue When choosing your venue, make sure you choose wisely because the majority of your budget will be going towards this. Looking for venues in the most unlikely of [...]

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Best Ways to say “Thank You” to Wedding Vendors

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Best Ways to say “Thank You” to Wedding Vendors When it comes to your big day, your vendors go above and beyond to help make your day special and go perfectly. Here are some great ways for you to show your gratitude and thanks: “Thank You Card” Thank you cards are a classic way to show your gratitude! There are so many different ways and designs you can do. A lot of couples like to give their vendors  chic thank you cards along with a photo of the happy couple. There is also a cute option of using a postcard as a thank you card. The front of the postcard has the image of you and your partner with a hand written note on the back. Leave a Tip When you have made the final payment to your caterer or baker or any other vendor who went above and beyond [...]

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