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Why You Should Do a Anniversary Photography Session

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Why You Should Do a Anniversary Photography Session You don’t need a huge Milestone in your life A lot of couples don’t have any more photo sessions after their engagement and wedding photoshoot because they lose track of time and they don’t see a reason to have more photoshoots. This is a very common way of thinking, because they don’t have any major milestones in their life and they don’t see why they should spend money for professional photographs. However, you don’t need a major milestone! Having beautiful photos of you and your spouse are the best reason to get them done. Every couple that has been together for 10+ years has admitted to regretting not having more photos taken throughout the years. It is an Investment This is another huge reason why people don’t want to get their photos professionally taken, they don’t think it is worth the money. [...]

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How To Choose an Engagement Photo Session Location

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How To Choose an Engagement Photo Session Location Your Photographer When it comes to getting your photos taken professionally, you need to choose a photographer. When picking out a photographer, you should get to know them. Getting to know your photographer will allow for them to get to know you and your partner's personality so they can capture who you are on film and bring out the best in the both of you. Think about what works for you as a couple. Are you coffee lovers? Find a cute coffee shop to take your photos. Do you love staying home together watching movies and cooking dinner together? A perfect photo-op of you cooking together. Love the ocean? You can take pictures at a beautiful aquarium.  Sunset VS Sunrise Taking photos at sunset and sunrise give you the perfect glow light for your photos. However, not every location will work. So [...]

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Why Do I Need A Wedding Videographer?

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Why Should You Hire A Wedding Videographer? When it comes to hiring a videographer, a lot of people go back and forth on this subject. This is because a larger chunk of your budget will go to hiring your videographer. It may seem unnecessary because you already are hiring a professional photographer, why would you need more? Here are some reasons to consider adding a videographer to your wedding vendor list! Reliving your memories It is a world-wide accepted fact that your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, however your wedding allows for you and your spouse to relive those moments forever. Having every moment of your special day captured on film is such an incredible thing to have. You may even be worried about your family causing drama and you having to rewatch it, trust me, years later after you watch this you will laugh. You can even make anniversaries [...]

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Do I need save the dates for my wedding?

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Why Save The Dates Are Important There is always a ton of debate when it comes to save the dates. A lot of people want to save money on this wedding task, however here are 6 reasons why you should reconsider! Save The Dates Are For Your Guests When it comes to save the dates, a lot of couples put so much thought and creativity into it, because they will save it as a memento. However, save the dates are meant for your guests. Save the dates are important for your guests because it holds important info for your guests. Such as letting them know about your wedding website or a wedding app. Also with physical save the dates, your guests won’t lose them in their inbox. Engagement Photos This is the perfect opportunity to share your engagement photos with your friends and family! Of course the next step after [...]

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How To Make An Awesome Wedding Hashtag

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How To Create an Awesome Wedding Hashtag With modern weddings, social media is now a huge part of weddings. Hashtags are the perfect way to let your guests be a part of your wedding too. By creating a unique hashtag for your wedding your guests can take photos and use your special hashtag on the photo. This way everyone can look back on your big day and remember those amazing and fun moments. It is also a fun way to see your guests POV. Here is how you can create your special hashtag for your wedding! Simple When creating your hashtag, try to keep it simple and to the point. Using super long hashtags will get confusing. Keeping it short and simple will help your guests find it easily and remember it. Here are some examples of what you can use for a simple hashtag: #TheSmiths #MrandMrsSmith #TheSmithsWedding #SmithsSayIdo #SmithWedding [...]

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How Do You Choose Your Bridal Party?

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How To Choose Your Bridal Party When it comes to choosing your Bridal party, it can be either the easiest choice you make for your wedding or the one of the hardest. So we are here to help!  Here are a few tips, take into account how many people you want in your bridal party and how many you can actually afford to have. You also need to consider if they are the best choice to have in your wedding. You may want your super fun friend to be in your party, however are they a reliable choice? Or how about a certain family member that is begging to be in your party, however you know that they are prone to causing drama. Remember above everything else, that your happiness is the most important, because this is your day. So don’t feel guilty about not having certain people in your [...]

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5 Wedding Day Mishaps To Avoid

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5 Mistakes Not to Make on Your Wedding Day When it comes to your big day, you want it to go perfectly. Here are some tips on what you should avoid so you can enjoy your day to the fullest! Getting Ready When getting ready on your big day, you want to make sure you have enough time. One second you are enjoying the hot steam from your shower, the next you know you are panicking because you are an hour behind. When creating your schedule for the day of, make sure you factor in enough time getting ready. You will be able to figure out how much time you need when discussing what kind of hairstyle you want with your hairdresser, and what look you want with your make up artist. When discussing these things you can ask them how long do they think it should take to create [...]

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How To Share Your Wedding Photos On Social Media

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Sharing Your Wedding Photos On Social Media When it comes to sharing your stunning wedding photos all over social media, you become overwhelmed with the amount you want to share and end up post-dumping on everyone in your friends list. So here are a few way you can avoid doing that! Wedding Sneak Peak Teasing your friends and family with sneak-peak previews of what is to come is super fun! You get to see your friends and family gush over your amazing photos. This is also a great way to get them hyped up for what is to come! It not only prepare them, but also gets them excited and relive that magical day all over again. You can also post sneak peak photos on your wedding website if you had set one up prior to the wedding! Posting Wedding #TBT (ThrowBackThursday)  You should post some of your wedding photos [...]

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