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Post Wedding Brunch Ideas

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Post Wedding Brunch Ideas The day after wedding is also a very important day, especially if you decide to do a brunch for your family and friends. Try to keep in mind that if alcohol was served at the reception, to offer plenty of hydrating options for your guest such as water. It is important for them to detox from the night before. Now, here are some post-wedding brunch ideas that you will love! Pool Party Wedding Brunch If where you are staying has a pool available, use it! It is not only a relaxing spot, but also serves as a great theme. You can lean into the aquatic theme offering fun blue drinks and other fun details. It will also help you relax after having a stressful and long day from the day before. It is your time to enjoy your new chapter in life with your partner! To-Go [...]

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How to Choose a Wedding Getting Ready Location

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How to Choose a Getting Ready Location When it comes to choosing where you should get ready for your big day, you usually put it at the bottom of your list to take care of, because you have a million other things to do. However, it is still very important that you decide where you should get ready. There are a variety of factors that go into picking the perfect location! You also have to keep in mind what you want your getting-wedding- ready photos to look like.  Thankfully, we’ve already taken care of this one for you with our his and hers getting ready suites right here on property! But keep readying to know what you’re looking for before you get here.  The Venue Keep the wedding venue in mind. If you choose a hotel, then it is best to reserve a room or suite to get ready in. [...]

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How To Deal With Wedding Family Drama

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How to Manage Family Drama at Your Wedding We all encounter family drama at some point in our lives, granted some more than others. However, here are some tips on keeping the drama to a minimum for your big day! Wedding Tradition Conflicts Wedding traditions are a funny thing, some people deeply care about doing things the traditional route. While others throw caution to the wind. There are many traditional wedding routes to take such as who will be walking you down the aisle. Typically it is a father's role to walk you down the aisle, however this is your wedding. Don’t be worried about what others will think and you are also able to squash any conflicts of who will be walking with you. If you have a father versus step-father situation, heck have both of them walk down the aisle with you! Another tradition is father/daughter dances. You [...]

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What to Practice at Your Wedding Rehearsal

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What to Practice at Your Wedding Rehearsal When it comes to your wedding, you want your special day to go perfectly, that’s why we recommend practicing! You may think that walking up and down the aisle is incredibly easy and that you wouldn’t have to practice, but if your plans are complex it is the best idea to practice. Practicing will also be incredibly helpful for your bridal party if they have never been in a wedding before. Here are some things that you should practice at your wedding rehearsal: Walking Down The Aisle Standing Or Sitting Somewhere Specific Moving Mid-Ceremony Walking Back Down The Aisle At The End Wedding Rehearsal: Order Of The Wedding Procession When practicing, you should have the order of the procession down.  Who is going first?  How do you want your bridesmaids to walk out?  Do you want them to walk out from shortest to [...]

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How To Pick Items For A Wedding Registry

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How and What to Choose Items for a Wedding Registry If you are not sure what to add onto your wedding registry here are some ideas with different price ranges so that your guests can choose from a wide selection. Wedding Registry Gifts $0-$20 Small Ceramic bowls- A Great Way To Start A New Journey Is With A New Set Of Beautiful Bowls. Measuring cups (Stainless Steel or Copper)- Everyone Needs Multiple Measuring Cups. Small Stainless Steel Wastebasket- Gives Your Bathroom Fresh Vibes. An Accent Pillow for the Living Room or Bedroom - Brightens Up The Room With A Pop Of Color. Floating Shelves - Perfect for New Wedding Photos Couple Cooking Books- Cooking Brings Couples Together Cute Embroidered Luggage Tags- Mr. & Mrs. Picture Frames- Ones That Match Your Decor Candles - Pick Your Favorite Scents Wedding Registry Gifts $20-$50 Scratch Map- This is perfect if you love to [...]

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How To Choose A Wedding Officiant

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Tips for Choosing A Wedding Officiant Choosing an officiant for your ceremony is very important, you want to make sure that they are a right match for you and your ceremony. Here are some things you should consider when choosing your officiant. Are You Having a Religious Ceremony? This is one of the things you need to consider when looking for an officiant. If you are Catholic then you should look for a priest to be the officator. Or If you are Jewish and you choose to get married in a synagogue, you will have to look for a rabbi. If you are having a Traditonal Muslim wedding ceremony then you must be married by an Imam. When choosing, you don’t have to go with the first person you meet, go with someone that both you and your spouse like. Meeting Your Wedding Officiant Don’t feel like you have to [...]

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How To Create a Wedding Guest List

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How To Create a Wedding Guest List When creating a guest list, it can become an overwhelming task. So here are some tips to help you get through choosing the perfect guest list for you. Discuss Money Before Starting the Wedding Guest List Let’s face it, weddings are expensive, and financial help is always wonderful. However, when you have financial help from your parents then you can become in a tight spot when it comes to the invite list. If they are putting money into the event then they may feel like they have a say in the guest list. So before accepting financial help, discuss what all parties expect. If you can live with their requests then accept the help, but if you can’t then politely decline. This will help prevent future disagreements. Make Your Dream Guest List For Your Wedding Start building your dream guest list. Write down [...]

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How To Reduce Wedding Day Stress?

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Staying Stress Free On Your Wedding Day When it comes to the day of your wedding, stress is something that is bound to come. So here are some expert tips on helping you get through your big day with the least amount of stress possible. Stress Free Wedding: The Gown Check on your dress to make sure all the alterations are complete. Make sure you also try on your dress, you want to confirm that it fits properly and looks exactly how you wanted it to. Also it is a good idea to take off the protective garment bag so that your dress has time to “breathe”. Stress Free Wedding: Wedding Itinerary Finalizing your wedding itinerary will be a lifesaver for your big day. When creating it, try to keep in mind that the schedule needs to be realistic. Make sure you include slots that are fillers and fluff. By [...]

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How Do You Create A Wedding Seating Chart?

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How To Create A Wedding Seating Chart When it comes to the seating chart, it can be one of the most difficult stressors of your wedding. Every family has their drama, and as the bride you want to create the least stressful and drama free seating chart. 10 Steps to Creating a Seating Chart The Venue After choosing your venue, contact them and request for the full layout of the venue with details such as dimensions, where the electrical sockets are and bathrooms. Placing the Vendors Take into account where you should instruct the vendors to set up for the reception and ceremony. For example, having the buffet set up directly next to the bathroom is not ideal for you or your guests. Tables and Chairs  When picking out chairs and tables, make sure the sizes and shapes will be able to fit within your chosen venue. It is also [...]

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