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The Worst Wedding Gifts

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Gifts you Should Not give to the Newlywed Couple Pets Unless it is specifically asked for by the bride or groom, do not give them a pet as a wedding gift. They may not have the funds to take care of the pet. They may also not have the time or space. They may also be allergic to animals. Keep in mind  Anything matching  Matching mugs, plates, towels with a cute saying on it may not be the way to go. You may like it, but that does not mean that it is the bride or grooms style.  Anything Monogrammed Monogramming wedding gifts is a fine line between elegant Southern style and completely wrong. There are plenty of horror stories of monogramming gone wrong. Some brides have even had the complete wrong initial on her monogrammed shirt that was given to her as a present, there was an S on [...]

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What You Need To Know About wedding Rehearsal Dinners

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Must-Know Rehearsal (and Dinner) Deets Who is in Charge of Rehearsal Dinner If we look back on history, the bride's parents usually pay for all the costs of the wedding. So the polite thing for taking on the rehearsal dinner falls on the groom's family. With new traditions and the new customs, it varies with who pays for what. The best way to decide is to talk with your partner and in-laws or parents. The Type Of Rehearsal  When it comes to the style of rehearsal dinners, they are more relaxed, lowkey, and drama free. This gives couples a time to be together and chill out before their big day. With the pandemic still a large concern, outside dinner rehearsals are becoming more and more popular. It is important to make it so that the rehearsal does not upstage your wedding. Wedding Rehearsal DinnerThemes Having a theme incorporated into your [...]

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16 Things To Do The Week Before Your Wedding

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16 Things You Need to Get Done The Week of the Wedding Here is a quick list of things you want to remember the week before your vintage wedding day just to make sure you don't forget. Finalize the Details Have a final meeting with your wedding planner or coordinator before your big day in case you need to go over any last details. Finish Up Those Projects As the final hours are counted down, make sure to finish any projects or assignments that you have from work. Doing this will make sure you don’t have as much to worry about, and you aren’t trying to cram everything before your big day. Final Payments Have your payments and checks ready for your vendors ahead of time so you aren’t stressing about the final payments. Clean The Rings Get your rings cleaned and polished for the big day so when you [...]

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What Are Some Wedding Cake Alternatives?

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Alternatives To Wedding Cake  What can we say? Some people just do not like cake! Or at least the traditional wedding cake. While some people just don’t want to spend the money on a large cake that they know won’t get finished. So here are some great alternatives to a Wedding Cake! Pies Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin pie is the perfect alternative when it comes to a fall wedding! Assorted Pies Apple pies, raspberry pies, strawberry pipes, cherry pies, all the pies you can think of!  Pie Pops A cute alternative for pies that are yummy and convenient! Cake New Orleans King Cake King cake is perfect for any Mardi Gras themed wedding, or for anyone who lives in Louisiana and loves Mardi Gras Cake.  White Meringue Cake A unique alternative compared to the traditional wedding cake. You can also have it personalized with beautiful sugar flowers. Chocolate Croquembouche Cake Is [...]

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How Much Does A Wedding REALLY Cost?

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The Average Cost of A Wedding (Broken Down) Recent surveys have determined that the average amount of money that is spent on a wedding ranges from about $12,000 to $14,000. General Venue Prices The cost depends largely on which venue you choose and what comes included with the packages. Usually basic event centers will cost around $2,000. However, for a high class place such as a luxurious hotel or resort charges can rack up to $73,000. Some venues include meal planes with their prices, which helps you save money on catering. However, costs can vary depending on which season you are getting married in. Now lets get down to specifics. Food For a wedding cake, it is usually priced per slice and each slice can cost around from $0.12 to $2.00. Yet these prices dont invoice design costs, delivery fees or cake-cutting costs. If your venue does not include meals, [...]

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The Best Apps for Wedding Planning

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9 Top Wedding Planner Tech Tools Cvent It is an event management app that automates and simplifies the whole planning process. It makes your job as a planner easier by sourcing out your venue and has custom dashboards and reports after the event. Tripleseat It is one of the best planning software for the unique event venues as well as serves as a web app for sales and event management. It is mainly built for places such as hotels, restaurants and other unique venues. With the help of tripleseat, it has the capability to increase event sales and make the planning process streamlined. It also converts leads to bookings, helps create contracts and so much more.  Aisle Planner Aisle planner is a favorite for wedding planners, everyone was using different programs such as Dropbox and Gmail Folders, but now it has everything in one place. It ranges from color palettes [...]

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18 Unique Wedding Night Exit Ideas

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18 Unique End Of Night Exit Ideas 1. Wedding Sparklers Wedding Sparklers are an exciting way to be sent off at the end of the night! 2. Bubbles A cute and inexpensive way to send off the bride and groom, and will make for dreamy pictures. 3. Balloons Balloons are one of the cheapest and easiest way to send off the newlywed couple. You can also attach na note of good wishes for the bride and groom. However, it may not be the most environmentally safe option. 4. Sky Lanterns They have become a new trend in the US, they are historically used during festivals in Asian cultures and countries. Not only are they beautiful and make a beautiful scene in the night sky. Guests can also attach good wishes to the lanterns. 5. Flower Petals Flower petals are a delicate and a beautiful option to be sent off to. [...]

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International Wedding Trends

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12 Wedding Trends In Other Countries Japan In Japan during a traditional ceremony, the couples share sake. It is a ritual known as “san-san-kudo”. There are three cups of sake stacked on top of each other, the bride and groom both will take three sips from each cup. Then the parents will follow in their steps, taking three sips as well. This represents a formal bond between the families. Guatemala In Guatemalan wedding receptions, the mother of the groom has the job of breaking a white bell that is filled with flour, rice and other grains. The shattering of the bell signifies good luck and prosperity for the newlyweds. India In an Indian wedding, henna is painted on the bride’s hands and feet the night before the wedding. It is a ceremony called Mehndi, and it is between the bride and her family. The designs represent joy, beauty and a [...]

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How To Involve Children In My Wedding?

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5 Ways You Can Involve Children In A Wedding These options that are inclusive to your children or soon-to-be stepchildren are great ways to show them how excited you are to have them be a part of your new life together. Planning The Wedding When it comes to planning and getting ready for your wedding, children are naturally curious and want to help out any way they can. This can be especially helpful when you choose to go to the DIY route, get them to help out. Have them write the guests name placement cards or you can even have them put together the guest welcome bags. You could also bring them along to the cake tasting. Kids love cake, and they will love to be a part of the experience. You don’t necessarily have to agree with what their preference of cake is, but having them there will brighten [...]

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