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How To Propose At Home

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If life has you stuck in one place, it may have thrown a wrench in your proposal plans. With limits on where you can go and who can be present, planning a new proposal can be difficult. If you’re looking to propose soon so you can get on with planning an amazing Georgia wedding, but don't want to miss out on a unique and exciting engagement, a creative at-home proposal might just be the perfect option for you! We’ll put the execution on you, but we’ve got the ideas and planning down for you! We’ve compiled our top 5 favorite ways to propose at home. At-Home Photoshoot  Tell your significant other to get dressed and ready for a photoshoot, because the two of you are having an at-home photoshoot date night. Not only is this a perfect way to disguise the proposal, your significant other will thank you later, when [...]

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Trending Vintage Wedding Themes 2020

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Trending Vintage Wedding Themes Vintage weddings are all the rage right now and there’s no question why. Vintage weddings bring a sentimental meaning from the past, combined with modern trends and couple’s personalization. We would say that vintage weddings are the easiest to make your personality and your style shine while incorporating a romantic, sentimental environment.  So, you’re thinking about going with a vintage wedding? You’ve come to the right place! We are ready to inspire you with our knowledge and experience with vintage weddings (our favorite btw!) There are many different kinds of “vintage weddings” and we want to give you some different options to consider. Here are the top vintage wedding themes we see trending! Simple & Intimate Theme For this theme, we’ve seen couples throw the cutest backyard weddings! This theme is great if you want to keep the guest list small and the intimacy high. Decorate [...]

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The Perfect Wedding Dress for a Vintage Wedding

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THE Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Dress The wedding dress is easily the most memorable aspect of any wedding. Your dress sets the tone and speaks volumes about your personality and taste. Choosing a wedding dress that aligns with your style and vibes with your wedding theme is crucial! We’ve put together THE ultimate guide to selecting the perfect attire for your special day. First and Foremost, Set a Budget Trust us here, if you don’t set a budget BEFORE the salesperson starts bringing out gowns, you’re gonna end up falling in love with the dress that you simply can’t afford. Be upfront with your salesperson by telling them your budget right off the bat and stick to it. This not only keeps you on track financially, this narrows your options and makes the decision so much easier.  Consider Your Location & Theme Where will your wedding be? [...]

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5 Budget-friendly Honeymoon Ideas

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5 Affordable Honeymoon Options Weddings can get pricey! If you’re wondering how you’re going to afford your dream honeymoon after paying for your dream wedding, this post is for you. We’ve compiled our top five favorite honeymoon ideas that won’t break the bank. Cruises Cruises are the perfect option for a couple looking to save on their honeymoon, yet have an exciting, romantic getaway. What makes cruises so cost-efficient is that they are all-inclusive. Enjoy fun onboard activities, a gorgeous room, swimming pools, all the food you can eat, travel destinations, and more!  The only other expenses you’d be paying for other than the cruise tickets, are what it costs you to get to the port. Most couples take a plane, but if you’re low on cash, just drive. This not only saves you time, but it also provides you quality talking time to start your vacation.  Go Camping  This [...]

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The Ultimate Wedding Invitation Guide

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The Ultimate Wedding Invitation Guide Hold up! Before you go buying every pretty wedding-related paper you see, read this complete guide of all the paper you need to design and order in preparation for your wedding. Keep it consistent, start by deciding your color theme and budget, and stick to them. We’ll walk you through everything you need and the options you have to choose from. Let’s get to it! Invitations  Alright, we bet you guessed this one. You’re gonna need to design and order invitations. Your wedding invitations are so important, they set the tone of your wedding and communicate the vibe of your wedding. Whether you’re going black tie or beach party, your invitation should resonate with your theme both in style and in colors.  Invitations have multiple pieces to them. Usually, they include an envelope, the wedding invitation, the reception card (if your reception is at a [...]

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What is the best type of wedding venue?

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The Benefits of Having an Open Air Venue Exploring options and searching for the perfect venue for your wedding? We’ve been there and we’ve done the searching, our favorite weddings are those who utilize an open venue. Maybe you’re deciding between a hotel ballroom and an outdoor landscape. Here are the quality benefits of choosing an open-air venue!  Gorgeous View and Natural Vibe Open-air venues open your space to the beautiful outdoors and create unity with nature. Spring Lake’s space features an open barn that opens up to a relaxing view of the romantic pond. Because of the water, a refreshing breeze accompanies the interior of the spacious barn. Nothing compares to the view of the calm, rippling pond and the rejuvenating smell of nature, the natural sunlight, the sound of birds chirping, and the decoration of beautiful plants and trees. Refreshing Weather If you and your partner love spending [...]

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What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

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Wedding Insurance 101 Imagine this: You have the perfect venue rented for your reception months in advance. What if, two weeks before your wedding, the reception space goes out of business and you have to book another space- which ends up costing three times the price? Or what if your wedding dress gets lost in the airport luggage and you have to buy a new one the night before? What if, somehow, a wedding band is lost right before the ceremony and you have to purchase a replacement? Heaven forbid any of these scenarios to occur on your dream day, but we want to keep you aware of the possibilities so that you can best prepare for them. Wedding insurance is the best way to ensure that you’re not losing thousands of dollars for unexpected circumstances beyond your control.   What is Wedding Insurance? To summarize, Wedding Insurance is a type [...]

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Budget Wedding Dining Options

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Budget Wedding Dinner Options With the average cost of catering being $71 per person and the average guest list of 200, catering can get quite pricey! Not everyone has $14,000 to spend on the meal!! We don’t see the need of spending thousands on thousands of dollars on the food that’s gonna last 30 minutes. We have put together some cost-effective options for food during your budget wedding reception so you can focus on enjoying your meal rather than stress over the cost of your (and everyone else's!) plate.  All Appetizers  “If your appetizers are amazing, there’s no need for dinner.” -us. But seriously, why not just keep the yummy appetizers coming? Instead of having a traditional and expensive sit-down dinner, simply pick a few appetizers that you love.  If you are afraid of skipping dinner entirely, you can implement an appetizing strategy. Keep the appetizers coming and coming right [...]

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