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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Wedding Venue Your reception venue is quite possibly the biggest and most expensive decision of your wedding. This happens to be one of the most difficult decisions for most brides. We want you to have clarity and certainty on which venue is absolutely perfect for you! We have put together for you, “The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Wedding Venue.” Consider each of these topics thoughtfully to ensure that you are choosing the right wedding venue for your big day. Booking a Wedding Venue Taking into consideration that your venue is one of the first decisions you need to make to start planning your wedding, start the search earlier rather than later. Doing your research far in advance will take so much stress off of you and give you a clear canvas to plan everything else around. Not only this, but the [...]

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Wedding Photography Ideas for Outdoors

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Outdoor Wedding Photography Ideas Outdoor wedding photography has become more and more popular over the last few years and is now generally assumed as part of the plan for wedding and engagement photography. With this beautiful trend, it’s helpful to have an idea of what kind of outdoor photos YOU want. What style would best match you and your partner’s relationship and aesthetic? How can you incorporate amazing outdoor engagement and wedding photography into your wedding? A personalized guestbook? Custom place cards? Table decor? We have put together our favorite ideas for outdoor wedding photography along with tips to get your dream photos!  Photos on the Beach  These are some of our favorite wedding photos! Use the beach to capture some beautiful memories in a romantic light. Be sure to utilize the en hour (the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset) for your photoshoot. This will give you [...]

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Wedding Budgeting Ideas

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How Much Does A Wedding Cost? Weddings are quite possibly the biggest event in one’s life, and it makes sense that they are one of the most expensive days. While the amount you spend on your wedding is ultimately up to you, we’ve put together a basic idea of what the average person spends on their wedding. According to The Knot, the average cost for a wedding in 2017 was $33,391. That can be more than a down payment for a house! Don’t freak out quite yet. Let’s take a look at where The Knot sees people putting their money. The Average Wedding Budget Here’s the average wedding breakdown, according to The Knot: -Venue: $16,107 -Photographer: $2,783 -Reception band/music: $4,156 -Florist: $2,534 -Videographer: $1,995 -Wedding dress: $1,564 -Groom’s attire: $280 -Wedding cake: $582 -Ceremony Site: $2,197 -Ceremony musicians: $755 -Invitations: $462 -Transportation: $859 -Favors: $268 -Rehearsal dinner: $1,378 -Engagement ring: [...]

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Spring Themed Wedding Planning Ideas

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Spring Themed Wedding Ideas You got the ring and now you’re searching for a spring vibe wedding theme? We’ve got you covered. Get ready for some light, airy, blossomy inspiration for your big day! Spring Wedding Colors It all starts with the color scheme. Be sure to pick a light pallet if you want to enhance the spring season look. This can include light pink, matte grey-blue, light blue, light grey, fern green, and more. Whatever you choose, be sure the colors are light. Don’t overload the number of colors. Keep it minimalistic and simple. Too many colors can be distracting and detract from the overall theme.  Spring Wedding Flowers This one goes almost without saying. You’re having a spring wedding? You’re probably incorporating lots of flowers. While this is a spring wedding stereotype, make it unique in the way that you use your flowers. You can create unique centerpieces [...]

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Fall Themed Wedding Decor Ideas 

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Fall Themed Wedding Ideas So you’ve opted for a fall wedding? What a beautiful time of the year to turn the pages of a previous past and say hello to a new chapter as the seasons do the same. Although fall is a fantastic time for a wedding, they seem to be in the minority. For that reason, we have compiled some of our favorite fall wedding ideas that you can implement or draw inspiration from to create your perfect themed wedding! Use Dark Wedding Colors Correctly Fall is obviously known for it’s gorgeous, deep colors. Incorporating these into your wedding theme can be absolutely splendid but can also be scary. You don’t want to finish decorating and feel like you’re overcome with a dark, gloomy vibe for your wedding! Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here are a couple of tips for using fall colors correctly: -For every dark [...]

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Summer Wedding Decor Ideas

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Wedding Decor Ideas For Summer Weddings So you’ve picked the date and it landed in the warm months of the year. Opting for a summer wedding is great because you can (usually) count on nice weather. This opens up the option of hosting a beautiful, outdoor wedding. We have compiled some summer wedding ideas for you to draw inspiration! Whimsical Wedding Decor Lighting Want to add a romantic glow to your evening, outdoor wedding? Fairy lights can completely change the atmosphere of your wedding venue and add a warm, welcoming, and romantic glow to your wedding vibe. There are so many ways you can incorporate these modern sparks to your theme. You can string them from your venue ceiling, bunch some into jars or glass vases for shining centerpieces, or you can even wrap strands around tree branches to create a natural, summer theme. Using Candles for Wedding Decor While [...]

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Custom Wedding Websites for Modern Couples

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Custom Wedding Websites For Modern Vintage Weddings There is A LOT to remember when planning your wedding day, and it’s way too easy to forget something. You’ve got the venue, the catering, the invitations, the registry, the dress, the wedding party, the decorations, and the list goes on. According to NY Times, 74% of couples who were married in 2018 used a wedding website, and why wouldn’t they? Wedding websites offer a variety of helpful features. They aid with RSVPs, communication with guests to share maps, directions, and destinations, create a wedding registry, help couples create a vibe for their wedding, help track their budget, and so much more. We have compiled all you need to know about the top five wedding planning websites. You’re welcome. Zola Price: Free Features Include: -Easily compile guest addresses by sending them emails and keep track of RSVPs -Format addresses for printed save the [...]

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DIY Vintage Wedding Table Decorations

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DIY Table Decorations Weddings can get expensive! According to The Knot, the average American wedding costs $30,000! This might seem shocking, but when you start listing all the necessities, it adds up fast! It can be difficult to stay frugal when trying to make the day of your dreams come true, however, one way you can cut down on expenses are by making your own gorgeous vintage wedding decorations. We have compiled some of our favorite DIY decorations that you can proudly display on your big day.  Painted Vases Vases are the way to go for your table centerpieces if you want to stay cost-effective and match your wedding style. All you need are any kind of glass vessel, masking tape, and spray paint. You can easily find all sorts of gorgeous glass pieces from your local thrift stores, otherwise, Dollar Tree sells many shapes and sizes. Wrap each vase [...]

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Trending Wedding Hairstyles

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Wedding Hairstyles for 2020 You’ve been crazy busy looking for a venue, sending out invitations, finding the perfect dress, and trying to keep your sanity in all this vintage wedding planning. Our guess is that you haven’t had time to sit down and scroll through Pinterest looking for the most gorgeous, trending hairstyles for your big day. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Here are our top 5 favorite wedding hairstyles. Half Up, Half Down Soft Curls This is quite possibly one of the most popular wedding hairstyles trending today, and it’s definitely one of our faves! While simple this style is absolutely beautiful, and there are so many options. You can simply take half of your hair and pin it together in the back with bobby pins, or dutch braid each side of your hair and meet in the back with a small bun, twist strands of hair on [...]

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