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Is rain on your wedding day good luck?

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The answer is, in some ancient cultures and traditions: YES!  We won’t get into the history of that, but it is a well-known fact that rain on your wedding day is supposed to signify good luck. It’s a sign of cleansing and is a great way to start off a marriage.  Besides that, while you may be worried about the potential of rain, there are some upsides to consider!  Unique Photos Yup, the rain is a beautiful thing, and can be captured in photographs to give you some unique and gorgeous photos! Make sure to include rainy day props like umbrellas, rain boots, or even ponchos! This is a sure-fire way to make the best of things during your vintage wedding.  Cuddly weather Isn’t there something about rain that is extra cozy? Your guests will agree. If rain is in the forecast, consider having a basket of cozy blankies for [...]

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Planning A Wedding Involving Kids

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Having kids participate in the wedding is always an adorable addition. Many couples have questions about age cutoffs, how many kids is appropriate, and what kinds of tasks they can do. Now, of course, it’s your wedding, so do WHATEVER you want when it comes to this, but we can go over what the most common rules of thumb are.  Ring Bearer and Flower Girl  The most obvious way to incorporate children into the wedding is definitely by way of a ring bearer or flower girl. It’s always popular with the crowd when these cuties make their appearance down the aisle! You can have them walk together or separately, and some people have multiple! This job is usually reserved for younger age groups, about seven years old or younger. Once you get beyond that, kids tend to think they’re a bit too cool for the gig (they grow up so [...]

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Food Wedding Favor Ideas

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Where are all my foodie brides at?! Who doesn’t love some good snacks? If you’re undecided on vintage wedding favors, here’s a hot tip: everyone loves food. It’s the universal thing we can ALL enjoy. Let’s peruse your options because there’s a lot of them!  Candyland  First of all, wouldn’t Candyland be an amazing theme for a wedding or bridal shower?! Okay, okay, maybe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. Candy is always a crowd favorite and something that guests can’t deny they’ll chow down on when they leave the party. How about some chocolate options? You can goodie bag some Hershey Kisses and add an adorable note like, “Kisses for our guests.” Find a local candy shop to support and ask them to do a candy bar! You can supply the to-go boxes and let guests take what they’d like! It also makes for great decor. Mints are [...]

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Vintage Wedding Planning Checklist

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The “average” engagement lasts a tad over a year, but everyone’s timeline is going to be different. If you’re newly engaged, and you sit down to make that checklist of what needs to be done, chances are you are a little bit overwhelmed wondering how quickly all of these things need to happen.  Not to fear! We are here to give you a better idea of what should happen and when while you're planning the perfect vintage wedding in Georgia.  Early On This would be the beginning stages of the planning process. The very first thing you do, so maybe a year or more out from the wedding, depending on how long your engagement is going to be.  This is when you want to decide on your style and trends you like and want to incorporate into your wedding. You should be deciding on a rough date you’d like to [...]

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2020 Wedding Trends

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Here we are, about to head into a new decade! YAY! There’s a lot of excitement and wonder in ending an entire decade. Moving into a new year is always a hopeful time, but there’s something about ending a decade that feels more final. It’s in the books; all the trends, styles, things we did or didn’t do.  It also presents a blank slate for just about everything moving forward, including vintage wedding trends.  Let’s take a peek into the predictions for the new decade upon us! More Greens. Pops of color Greenery in weddings has seen an uptick for sure. Luscious greens in bouquets have been “in”, but it’s about to ramp up even more. It’s still “on trend” but we’ll be seeing brides pump up the drama by adding pops of vibrant color and statement flowers. It’s a gorgeous trend, so it’s no wonder it’ll likely stick around [...]

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Unique Wedding Invitations

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Wedding invitations can be a statement piece for some couples. They want to do MORE than a simple piece of paper to invite guests to the biggest event of their adult lives. But what can be done? Well, the answer is LOTS! Let’s dive into some unique ideas that creative couples can expand on to make their invitations extra special and special to them.  Comic Book Adventures!  Who says your invitations need to use formal language and techniques? Lighten up and get fun with it! The comic-loving couple might consider hiring an artist to create a comic strip of the bride and groom and their love story. Imagine the smile on your guests’ faces as they read the “Adventures of the Future Mr. and Mrs.”! Add in some silly stories about how you guys fight crime together for some extra laughs and smiles! It’s your day- make it fun. Make [...]

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