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How To Pay For The Wedding

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Paying For The Wedding I know I don’t have to tell you, but I’m going to anyway… Weddings. Can. Be. Expensive.  The national average for what couples spend on their wedding day falls right around $30,000. 30K for just one day! Thankfully, we have some awesomely affordable wedding packages to keep your costs way more reasonable, but we know that even our budget packages can be a stretch for some families.  Of course, every wedding budget is going to be different, but the fact of the matter is that a wedding is going to leave a dent in your savings account. If you’re lucky enough to have help from outside sources, we are happy for you, but this article is still for you! What if you were getting help AND could offset some of the remaining costs? If you are paying for your wedding solo, this article is REALLY for [...]

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Who can officiate your wedding ceremony?

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Who can officiate your wedding ceremony? Choosing who will be your wedding officiant is a big decision, so being informed about your options is, of course, a great idea.  Most often, Georgia weddings are religious ceremonies, and the officiant is a member of a religious group but is also recognized by the state as a valid wedding officiant. That leads us to option one! Religious Officiant.  No matter what religion you are, you should be able to consult with your church or religious group about a priest, minister, deacon, etc. performing your ceremony. If they are qualified to do so in your religious group, chances are they are also recognized by the state. Many people opt for this option if they are choosing to have a religious ceremony.  A Judge.  Having a judge be your officiant is an option in multiple ways. Of course, you can always do the old [...]

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How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Dream Wedding

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You’ll see mentions of Pinterest everywhere you turn (on the internet, at least) when it comes to planning your wedding. Pinspiration is REAL! It’s a completely amazing tool to gather great ideas for your big day!  With that being said, it can be a bit overwhelming. You might get sucked into a Pinterest hole where you have SO much inspiration, you forget what you really want. When you started, you wanted a rustic summer wedding, and after 3 hours and a bottle of wine, you end up debating if you want a winter destination wedding with a Hawaiin theme.  SLOW DOWN! Pinterest is only a valid resource if you know how to go about using it properly.  Create your wedding planning boards So you made an account… necessary first step! Next up: board creation.  This is a crucial step that, in our opinion, many brides drop the ball on. The [...]

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Wedding Tips For The Groom

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Tips for Grooms Most articles are geared towards the bride. Why is that? Because the demand seems to be there. Brides are on the search engines looking up wedding advice, Googling hairstyles and dresses, but the men need answers too! This one’s for you, guys! Your involvement in the wedding is just as important, and we are here to try and make that involvement a little easier for you. Here are hopefully some answers to some questions you have!  The Major Decisions You absolutely need to make your opinions known with the major stuff! Have you ever heard of the 80/20 term in reference to weddings? 80 percent of your budget will be spent on 20 percent of your decisions. So this is a big deal, and you should both be on the same page!  Major decisions include The venue (eh hem, we know a great one called Spring Lake [...]

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Vintage Weddings In The Fall

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Fall Vintage Weddings As we enter into a new season, we wanted to touch base on the shift of colors, themes, decorations you’ll start to see become popular in Fall vintage weddings. There is SO much inspiration to draw from during this season, which is a big reason why people often refer to it as “Wedding Season”. We think they’re ALL wedding season in their own way, but Fall is definitely one of the most popular!  Fall Wedding Florals Oh my, the florals! Fall comes with gorgeous, rich, luscious flower options, making a Fall bouquet one for the books. There are some really amazing flowers that are most often found in the Fall. Some options include: Lillies Mums Daisies Roses Sunflowers This is most often when you’ll see those deep reds and oranges mixed with some neutral colors and accented with luscious greens. Add a pop of color with some [...]

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How To Honor Lost Loved Ones At Your Wedding

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Honoring Lost Loved Ones At Your Wedding It can be extremely difficult to plan a wedding with the loss of a loved one in the back of your mind. You wish they were there with you every step of the way, and it can be one of the more somber parts of the process.  While it certainly won’t be the same without them there, you can find really special ways to honor them and make sure it’s known that you’re thinking of them, and their spirit is most certainly present and accounted for on your wedding day.  Framed Photos Of course, some of your favorite photos of your lost loved one incorporated into your day can be really special. It’s a physical representation of them that all of your guests can admire. Some people do a table with all of their loved ones and a special quote or saying that [...]

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Snappy Tips for SnapChatting your Wedding

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SnapChatting your Wedding SnapChat is an ever-growing social media platform, and it’s become increasingly popular for guests at weddings to share the events of the evening with friends. Unless you’re having a very strict unplugged wedding, your guests will be utilizing SnapChat. Have some fun with it!  Geofilters If you’re a new SnapChat user, you may not know about the overlays they offer. Log into your account, and snap a photo. Now swipe to the right, and see what overlay options are available! SnapChat offers the option to create your very own personalized overlay for a special event, including your vintage wedding!  How do you get one? SnapChat does a great job of making this very user-friendly and easy to do!  Make sure you’re on your camera screen and find your profile icon.  You should see a little gear icon. Click that to go to your Settings.  Tap ‘Filters & [...]

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How Do You Include Pets In Your Wedding?

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Including Pets In Your Wedding Let’s be honest… If you could, you’d choose Fido as your Maid of Honor or Best Man. Their loyalty cannot be matched!  And hey, who’s to say you can’t choose them for those roles! But if you are worried about their ability to uphold the duties that come along with being the Pooch of Honor, there are definitely other memorable ways you can include your furriest friend.  The Proposal Okay, so if you are on the receiving end of this, you may not get much of a say. That’s where hint dropping comes in! If you love your dog enough that you WANT him included in a proposal, hopefully, your spouse knows that about you. If it isn’t an obvious given, discuss your dream proposal ahead of time! I promise your hubby-to-be will appreciate that you are letting him know exactly what you want. Everyone [...]

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Fun Guest Book Alternatives!

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Guest Book Alternatives! Have you been looking for vintage wedding guest book alternatives? This article isn’t to say that a traditional wedding guest book can’t be grand! Some people really utilize those guest books as decorative pieces on a shelf in their home. That being said, this part of the wedding leaves SO much room for creativity. I mean, think about it; there’s a way to write on almost ANYTHING! Since that’s the case, why not brainstorm something really personal that you can display in your home in a unique way? You could even take it one step further and ask your guests to sign a bit more than just their names. Let’s explore some cool ideas that you can use for your Georgia vintage wedding!  Artwork The possibilities to turn your guest book into a piece of art that is wall-hanging worthy are really endless. Think about what you [...]

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