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4 Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

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4 Common Wedding Planning Mistakes Letting Stress Rule.  Stress is a silent monster that creeps up on almost everyone at some point but is most commonly found when planning major events. Don’t feed the monster!  Balance is tough to achieve in anything in life, but strive to find balance here so that you don’t end up resenting this season. Somewhere in between chill and stress-induced agita is where you want to fall. Make it enjoyable, but be in control.  Not Doing Trials.  There are lots of opportunities for “trials” before the wedding, and you should take advantage of every single one!  Some people might assume that based on a recommendation from someone they know and trust that they can skip this step and save themselves some time. You never know when you and a vendor might run into creative differences, so make sure you are choosing carefully and making them [...]

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To (First) Look, Or Not To (First) Look?

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To (First) Look, Or Not To (First) Look? A debate many photographers have likely experienced with their clients is whether or not they’d like to d a “first look”. What is a first look? If you are unfamiliar with the term, a “first look” is when the photographer plans to capture the first look the groom gets of the bride. This is often done BEFORE the ceremony, which is why there is some debate over it. It’s not the traditional way of doing things, and some superstitious people tend to believe that the groom seeing the bride before the ceremony is bad luck. This is definitely a more recent development in wedding trends, and is becoming very popular for a number of reasons. Of course, as with anything, it has it’s down sides too.  Are you stuck on deciding what to do? The Pros.  First and foremost, it’s just practical!  [...]

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Why Should You Plan A Summer Vintage Wedding?

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Why A Summer Wedding? As we are wrapping up Summer wedding season at Spring Lake Events, we wanted to talk about our absolute favorite things about summer weddings, and why you should consider one (contact us about booking for next year!).  Full disclosure: There is a lot to love about EVERY season and planning a wedding during each.  But ah, sweet Summertime. Sweet as a Georgia peach. We have a soft spot for you.  The Weather.  Let’s face it, the weather is just a bit more predictable in the summer. You know exactly what to expect, and the summer months lend to a less risky outdoor event. Of course, there’s the chance of rain, but rain in the colder months is a whole different monster to tackle. NO ONE likes cold and wet. But a quick summer shower? That can be handled and might even make for a very unique [...]

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First Anniversary After A Vintage Wedding

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One Year Down- The Paper Anniversary Okay, okay, so maybe this is a bit on the traditional side, but some people still keep these traditions alive! It can be fun to try and get creative with old school ideas.  But first of all- Why the Paper Anniversary?  Well, it could be said that paper can be fragile, much like the first year of marriage. It can set the tone for the rest of your years, so it’s important to make it a priority. While paper can be easily ripped, crumbled, or destroyed, it can also be handled very carefully and carry vital information for years to come. It’s all up to the handler.  The Obvious Choice.  A love letter. DUH!  Maybe a little too obvious for some, but this gift idea is not to be dismissed easily. After an entire year together, it can be really lovely to revisit your [...]

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Vintage Wedding Invitation Etiquette

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Wedding Invitation Etiquette  It can feel a bit overwhelming when you start to think about your vintage wedding invitations. They are the first impression your guests will receive, and it may feel like there are a million rules you need to follow and research before sending them.  Have no fear! Your questions are answered here!  Do I only order enough for my guest list? Do I need extra? Well, it depends on a few factors. If you’re inviting an entire family, you should only need one for that household (addressed “The Smith Family”, or “Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Family”). If you are sending out some invitations to friends, and they happen to be roommates, they should each receive their own invitation. If kids are NOT invited, make that clear by dropping the “and Family” if they have children. If anyone over 18 is invited, but younger kids are not, [...]

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Create The Perfect Wedding Hashtag

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Creating the Perfect Wedding Hashtag  Lately, we're all into wedding hashtags for all the life they bring to the party. Not only that, but it's an amazing way to find wedding inspiration and real-life weddings across all your favorite social media channels. Why do you need one? Well, if we are being honest, you don’t NEED one. But in today’s social media-driven world, hashtags are a wonderful way to: Have easy access to all the photos taken on your big day by your guests.  Allow people who couldn’t make it to your wedding to share in the big day.  Have some fun with words! Where can it be used? The most common places you’ll find hashtags used are:  Facebook Instagram  Twitter For wedding purposes, you’ll mostly be using these on Facebook and Instagram, unless you have some friends who might be live tweeting your wedding (hey, you truly never know [...]

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Where To Find Wedding Inspiration

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How To Get Inspired For Your Wedding At the risk of suffering from a severe care of inspiration overload, we wanted to chat today about where you can go to browse ideas and shop all things wedding!  It’s 2019, and SO much has changed in the wedding planning game. There is inspiration everywhere you choose to look for it. So let’s review your options, and then decide what would be best for you as far as where to focus!  Instagram Hashtag Search  There are SO many hashtag to options, which leaves you lots of room to narrow down your search! Instead of searching for something generic that will leave you in a black hole of scrolling through thousands and thousands of different styled weddings, try and get more specific with your search. Try something like #bohowedding, or #DIYwedding to really hone in on what you’re going for. The more specific [...]

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What is an “Unplugged Wedding?”

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Is an “Unplugged Wedding” For You? An “unplugged wedding” is when you ask your guests to refrain from taking pictures or video during your big day. It’s a fairly new concept, developed for a few different reasons since the development of cell phone cameras has evolved immensely in recent years. Everyone is going to want that perfect shot on their latest iPhone!  The Positives? A big reason why people choose to do this is so that guests do not interfere with the professional photographers. Let’s be real; you are paying BIG bucks for those professional pictures, and you don’t need them littered with people holding their smartphones out in the background. You want genuine guest reactions and interactions documented! And you certainly don’t want Aunt Edna standing in the way of your photographer as he/she tries to catch the groom’s face as you walk down the aisle. That will be [...]

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