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Georgia’s Lakeside Wedding Venue

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A Vintage Wedding Wonderland Not Just Any Ol' Wedding Venue Almost every girl dreams of her wedding day.  Whether it be a big dress or a simple elegant one, her fairytale plays out in her mind.  Will her wedding be indoors or outside is something else she often thinks of.  Then the little girl becomes all grown up and gets engaged and the wedding planning starts to really unfold.  The lady starts thinking what kind of food will be served at her reception.  She starts thinking of whether her wedding be modern, rustic, or simple.  Not surprisingly, vintage weddings are also becoming a huge trend for brides.  This Georgia Vintage Weddings venue is a wedding wonderland that nearly any bride would love to have her big day unfold at. If rustic and vintage is the theme you are going for on your wedding day, you need to look no further [...]

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5 Things To Remember Before Wedding Day

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Imagine: you are 30 days away from your wedding date. What is on your final to-do list? When it comes to planning a wedding, there are many things that could go wrong (but even more that could go right) and that’s why it’s so important to stay ahead of the game. After all, this is your special day; everything should go as smoothly as possible. Because you’ve waited so long for it. Create a schedule Never underestimate the power of a finely tuned schedule. Create a schedule of your big day by going through every single event and task that needs to happen in preparation for the altar. Think of it like baking a cake: you need to follow a recipe to eventually reach your goal. Consider all the ingredients that go into the day-of, all the primping and preparation that needs to happen to fulfill the main event. Sit [...]

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Should You Hire a Wedding Coordinator/Planner?

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If you’re the kind of girl who is used to having an “assistant,” this may be an easy answer for you. There are many times when Brides know without a doubt that they need a coordinator before the big question even comes up! For some though, you DIY savvy girls, who are I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T, you may be thinking “I don’t need a coordinator I can do it myself and save the money!” While you are correct, it can be done, consider these things before writing off the idea. Wedding Coordinators are Pros Generally speaking, if you hire a wedding coordinator/planner, you’re hiring someone who has experience in the field. This someone has probably witnessed a few mishaps and thus learned ways to prevent and handle them. She probably has a good idea of the timeline in which things need to be completed to eliminate any unnecessary surprises for you, and with [...]

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12 Things You Do NOT Want to Forget on Your Wedding Day

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More times than not, bride and grooms that opt for vintage or rustic barn weddings are the DIY type. This could be because of their budget or just their style and having everyone to help pitch in. With that being said, DIYing your wedding is a big deal! Not only are you, the bride, the most important part of the day, but that also means you having a lot of responsibility. Stress comes with responsibility. You will hear this probably 100 more times before you finally get married. Your wedding day will go by fast, it will be hectic, and you need to soak in every single moment with the least amount of stress as possible.  That’s where this list comes in. These 12 things are crucial to your day, so you definitely don’t want to forget anything! 12 Things to Remember on Your Wedding Day Marriage LicenseObviously, you do [...]

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