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How to Handle Wedding Day Emergencies

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Everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect. You have dreamed about it, planned for it, paid for it, so it should be exactly what you want right? Well, unfortunately life can sometimes get in the way! As the saying goes, “Even the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” So, if the unthinkable happens and you have a wedding day emergency, here is how to handle it. Stay calm. I know I know, easy for me to say. But seriously, no matter what happens and how bad it seems, staying calm and peaceful will serve you better than just indulging in a freak out session. When you are calm and composed you will be able to find solutions that you might not otherwise be able to come up with if you were totally losing your cool. And, if it is really bad and you absolutely need [...]

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Add a Touch of Spring to Your Wedding

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Ya’ll, it’s Springtime! It is that magical time of year when mother nature shakes free from her winter slumber and the earth bursts free with all the pretty springtime flowers and warm (but not yet humid!) breezes. Weddings this time of year are all about flirty fun and sweet springy touches. Here are some of our favorite spring wedding trends so that you can add a touch of Spring to your wedding — even if you aren’t having a Spring wedding! Bright bouquets Nothing says Spring like flowers. In the Spring you can find a huge variety of flower types in a huge variety of colors. For a Spring-full bouquet opt for a wildflower bouquet with a bunch of bright colors and flower types all mixed together. Floral dress Yes, I know, on your wedding you are supposed to wear the traditional white. But what if you did…but with a [...]

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5 Ways to Get Your Bridal Party Excited About Your Wedding

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Five Ways to Get Your Bridal Party Involved, and Excited, About Your Wedding Have you ever been a part of a bridal party? Do you remember what it felt like to be asked to stand up beside your friend and help her matrimonial dreams come true? Were you excited? Were you apprehensive? Maybe you were even a bit reluctant? Being asked to be a part of a wedding party can be a big responsibility and an even bigger commitment. Some friends might jump all in — ready to buy the dress, go on an all-day shopping expedition to find the perfect flowers, plan the bachelorette to end all bachelorettes, and host two wedding showers — as soon as you utter the words “will you be my…”. Then you might have some friends that are more hesitant. They could be shy, worried about the financial investment, or concerned about the time [...]

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