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5 Wedding Mistakes You Won’t Want to Make

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When planning something as huge as your wedding to the person that you are planning on spending the rest of your life with, it can seem like there is a lot on the line and that there is NO room for mistakes. But, we are human and mistakes inevitably happen, and thankfully, for the most part they can be corrected and won’t make that much of a difference on the big day. That being said, we know that there are some mistakes that you won’t want to make because they can have a big detrimental effect to your life and your big day as a whole. So, here are 5 wedding mistakes you won’t want to make. Not planning the guest list first (or close to it). So much hinges on the guest list. The venue, invitations, food, flowers, even something like your dress (ie. super long train for a [...]

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The Best Wedding Favors For Outdoor Weddings

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10 Best Wedding Favors Wedding favors. Undoubtedly you have been to a wedding where you got one and thought, “Oh that’s cute,” but then found yourself discreetly disposing of soon after, maybe even before you left the wedding. Because, let’s face it, sometimes they can be sweet and pretty, but not something that you will really use or look at ever again. Well, if you want to find a wedding favor that your guests will get excited about taking home and actually keeping then you have come to the right place. Here are the 10 best wedding favors that your guests are guaranteed to actually want to take home and enjoy. Cookie Cake Jars: It’s a cookie. It’s a cake. It comes in an adorable little jar that you can get customized. Do we really need to say more? If you are a baker you might also consider making your [...]

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