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Romantic Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas

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Romantic Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas What could be a more fitting celebration of your love than having your wedding on Valentine’s Day? Here are fifteen of our favorite romantic Valentine’s Day wedding ideas that are sure to inspire you to higher heights of romance. Instead of table numbers…label each table with the word “love” or “kiss” written in beautiful calligraphy in different languages. Use LOVE Balloons…in your reception decorations or when posing for photographs. You can even set up a station where guests can enjoy posing for a romantic LOVE photo with the balloons as well. Cupid’s bow and arrow…make for a super cute decorating theme. You can use the bow and arrow theme in beautiful and unexpected ways throughout your wedding ceremony and reception. Think pink… A fun and delicious pink tinted cocktail makes for a subtle Valentine’s Day wedding addition. Have your guests shower you with rose petals…instead [...]

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2019 Wedding Trends in Georgia

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2019 Wedding Trends If you are planning a wedding in 2019 you may be eager to see what some of the hottest new wedding trends will be in 2019. Here are some fun and festive wedding trends that brides, grooms, and guests can plan and eagerly anticipate for this year, 2019. Wedding Fashion: Polka dots, crop tops, and asymmetrical designs were all on display at the recent bridal runway shows with chic and charming results. For grooms the on trend look is ditching the classic black tux or black suit look and instead donning a suit sporting a combination of different fabrics and patterns. The overall effect is quite dashing. Wedding Eats: The recent trend of interactive food stations continues (yippee!), with fun and delicious options for your guests to enjoy such as tea and lemonade bars, guacamole bars, nacho bars, and popcorn bars. Delicious! Another fun wedding eats trend [...]

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The Best Wedding Venue in Georgia

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The Best Georgia Wedding Venue We know there are a lot of wedding venues in Georgia to choose from, and today we want to highlight a few features that make our wedding venue one of the absolute best options out there. Versatile Wedding Venue Do you have a favorite pair of jeans? The ones you can dress up or dress down. The pair that you would wear every day if you could. They're comfortable. They look great on you. And you feel great wearing them. Well, our venue is kind of like that. We can host an elegant evening wedding as well as we can host a down-home wedding. As a matter of fact, those upscale elegant weddings look amazing here contrasted with our rustic wood barn but framed in our well-manicured landscape. It really is a perfect pair. And not only is Spring Lake one of the most versatile [...]

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