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Southern Comfort Wedding Food Ideas

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Southern Comfort Wedding Food Nothing says love quite like southern comfort food. So, it makes total sense to serve your favorite southern comfort foods at your wedding reception! But, it can sometimes be hard to figure out how to make a southern comfort favorite into wedding appropriate nosh. Here are some ways to elegantly, and neatly, incorporate some of your favorite southern comfort food into your wedding reception! Chicken and Waffles Mmmm, the sweet and savory combination of chicken and waffles is perfect, and a true crowd pleaser. But a big old plate of fried chicken and waffles might be a bit cumbersome for your guests. So, instead try a mini waffle and fried chicken tenders on a stick with a delicious honey mustard or maple dipping sauce. Another idea on how to present this classic is to serve little chicken sandwiches with waffle buns or a delicious biscuit brushed [...]

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Alternative Floral Finishes

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Alternative Floral Finishes Your wedding day is the perfect time and place to show off your personal style. Vintage, rustic, romantic, traditional, you can style every detail of your wedding your way. One area where personal style has seemingly been somewhat limited is with flower arrangements. You’ve got your bouquet, boutonnieres, and centerpieces, right? There are only so many varieties of flowers and arrangements, and they can sometimes tend to look all alike, am I right? Well, if you have been yearning for something different in the flower department you are going to love these on-trend alternative floral finishes for all weddings, from vintage weddings to modern soirees. Suspended Flowers or Greenery Instead of having big floral centerpieces taking up space and blocking conversation at your reception table, why not suspend greenery or floral arrangements above the table. This creates a romantic and whimsical feel in addition to being super [...]

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Southern Wedding Folklore

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Wedding Folklore Marriage has been around for thousands of years and weddings have been celebrated nearly as long. In all of that time it is inevitable that folklore and superstition would surround such a life changing event. What is interesting is that a lot of our most beloved wedding traditions emerged from this folklore and superstition, and it can be fun to know the origin of the traditions that we follow today. Here is just some of the folklore that lurks behind a few beloved wedding traditions. Carrying the Bride Over the Threshold We love this romantic tradition, I mean who doesn’t love the idea of getting swept off of their feet and being carried in the arms of their paramour? Well the real purpose behind the medieval practice was to keep the bride from getting tainted by evil spirits that may have followed the couple to their new home. [...]

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