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Our Amazing Atlanta Wedding Florist

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Atlanta Wedding Florist This week we want to take a minute to highlight one of our favorite Atlanta wedding florists; Gail Williams and her crew over at A Perfect Wedding Floral Design. Gail and her team create some of the most stunning floral arrangements, we are talking show-stopping here, ya’ll. Check out this beautiful vintage, rustic bouquet. Vintage Bouquet We love this bouquet because it is the perfect marriage of modern and vintage. The colors are gorgeous together, soft with just the perfect touch of deep hues carefully mixed in. The effect taken as a whole is simply perfect. See? We told you they do fantastic work. Better Than DIY Wedding Flowers What is even better than the work that they do (if you can even believe it!) is what an amazing group of people they are. Gail is one of our type of people, and she runs her business [...]

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Vintage Themed Weddings

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Vintage Wedding Themes Vintage themed weddings are very popular these days, and it’s no wonder why – they are SO much fun!  Not only are they fun, but wedding themes also give a cohesiveness to the wedding from the décor down to the dress code, and can even make it easier to plan a wedding and all of the many, many details that it requires. If you are in love with all things vintage and want a vintage themed wedding, but are having trouble narrowing down design decisions, then maybe deciding on a vintage theme would help you out. Vintage Wedding Themes Below are some of our favorite vintage wedding themes. The Great Gatsby The 1920’s, when the book The Great Gatsby was set, was a time of glamour, decadence, and romance.  The Great Gatsby is a classic romance and you can bring that story to life in your vintage [...]

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Southern Wedding Traditions

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Southern Wedding Traditions Ya’ll, there are just so many things to love about living in the South!  Sweet tea.  Southern hospitality.  The best comfort food in the country.  A slower pace.  And of course, a Southern wedding just can’t be beat! The South has brought us some of the best wedding traditions because if there is one thing that we love to do, (and do it well!) it’s celebrate! Here are a few of our favorite Southern wedding traditions that make Southern weddings so much fun to be a part of.  You might want to adopt these traditions for your own wedding, whether you are planning a wedding down South or not! Rustic charm There is just something so romantic about two people in love, surrounded by the friends and the family that love them, sealing their vows to each other in a gorgeous rustic setting.  Many Southern weddings take [...]

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