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Outdoor weddings in Georgia 

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Outdoor weddings in Georgia can be amazing. And fall weddings are some of our favorites. There is a calm serenity in the air in the fall as our lives slow down. And yes, even the (sometimes) high energy atmosphere of weddings seems like it is a shade calmer in the fall. We want to feature a wedding on the blog today that shows off the calm of fall weddings with its deep wine red color palette and muted photography. Don't get us wrong, we always have plenty of vibrant greens and soft pastels in spring and summer, but this outdoor wedding is so different and fall-ish we just had to show it off for some fall and winter inspiration. The whole wedding was absolutely stunning and thoughtful from the table centerpieces to their arrival in our old green truck, and even their wedding attire choices (we can never get [...]

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Wedding Lakeside Fireplace and S’mores Bar

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Okay, y'all. Can we just take a minute to talk about our lakeside fireplace at our Georgia vintage wedding venue? First, how many wedding venues have you seen with a full-on hand-built stone fireplace down by the lake? I mean, really? S'mores are awesome anytime. Add a fireplace and they're instantly upgraded, but add a fireplace by a lake and we think it's instant movie-quality memories being made. Seriously. Just like a scene out of your favorite love story. And that doesn't even consider all the amazing options out there for making an amazing wedding s'mores bar. Right?! We've seen all kinds of creative s'mores bar ideas. From the classic marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate bars to something that resembles more like a sundae toppings bar and even a Halloween party with all the candy bar choices to adorn s'mores with. And the creations that have been made in our lakeside [...]

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