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A wedding venue you can trust

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Have you heard the news about a prominent wedding venue in Tennessee canceling all weddings for 2018? What a tragedy that must be for couples scheduled to have a wedding in the next 6 months. Because we all know that the good venues get booked for the good days about a year in advance (Yes, we are getting inquiries for 2019 already!!!). We completely understand the need for refurbishments, however, a large part of the wedding business is built on trust. That’s right. A large part of wedding planning is built on trust. You are trusting your coordinator to understand your wedding day plans. You’re trusting your photographer to have all the photography equipment prepped and the skills to make magic with it. You’re trusting your caterer to have enough amazing, delicious, warm food to feed your favorite people. You’re trusting your cake artist to create a gorgeous cake (that [...]

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Barn Wedding Venues in Georgia

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Cheap barn wedding venues in Georgia can be hard to come by since barn wedding venues are all the rage these days! And it’s for good reason, too. Barn weddings have all the rustic charm that a Southern bride wants. Barn wedding venues in Georgia can easily host an elegant lace and roses event and a casual afternoon barbecue wedding in the same weekend. They can fit a whole range of guests and make even the most staunch Yankee feel at home with their Southern charm and hospitality. But that’s not all our barn wedding venue in Georgia boasts. Oh no. That’s just scratching the surface. We’ve got all the trimmings to go along with our reception barn. From flowers to vintage wedding decor items to the most amazing caterers you’ve ever tried. We have it all. **psst** And if you have been looking for a barn wedding venue that [...]

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