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Inexpensive Wedding Venue in Georgia

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A beautiful inexpensive wedding venue in Georgia can be hard to come by. Have you seen how much it costs for a wedding these days?! We totally get it. Your wedding is an important day in your life, but the fact of the matter is that it's only one day. We know most Georgia wedding venues out there will cost families easily double what our wedding venue costs when it's all said and done. We know what it's like. We see it every day. Many families are prepared to pay for a venue, food, the dress and a $300 photographer. They're expecting to pay less than $10,000. But after walking on the property of some venues and falling in love, they find out that the venue rental alone will cost $12,000 not including food and access to the entire property. Spring Lake is different. Our owners have a passion to keep costs [...]

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Fall Wedding Planning in Georgia

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Fall wedding season is just around the corner here in Georgia (never mind the highs are still hanging out around 90*) and we couldn’t be more excited! Go ahead and pass that pumpkin spice latte (PSL) right on over here and we’ll take a sip while we chill in the air conditioning. No, but really. See, we totally get it if you’re planning a fall wedding right now. If you’re thinking about a September or October wedding, you probably chose one of those dates to be your fall wedding day because you love PSL’s as much as we do. Or maybe it’s the cozy snuggles wrapped in a blanket down by the lake and the stone fireplace? Or maybe you just adore fall color and fresh air? Us too!!! Well, if you’re planning a wedding with one of those in mind, you’ll probably be wrapping up that last month or [...]

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