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Parking cars at farm weddings

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Can we just take a minute and talk about parking cars at weddings? It's not the most glorious of topics and you might not have even thought about where your guests will park when visiting some of the wedding venues out there, but it's definitely an important one. Parking is one of those things like taxes. You know it's there. It's important. It could be awesome or it could be terrible. When parking is abundant and nearby, life is awesome. But when parking is not enough and too far away, the problems just start snowballing. Surely you know by now that there are thousands of details that go into a wedding day. And in those thousands of details, it only takes one incident to create a "wedding day emergency." And, there's a good chance that your Aunt Sue has whatever-it-is-that-you-need in her car. Well, what if you chose a wedding [...]

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One of Our Best Helpers

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Today we're going to tell you about a special member of our Spring Lake family. If you happen to be friends with Renty on Facebook you might have seen his cameo pop up in various roles and vehicles around the property. On a wedding day, you can find him setting out chairs and tables, driving the golf cart or even helping the catering team serve their yummy treats. Even on non-wedding days, he is sometimes working hard as we maintain the property and keep it looking amazing for your wedding coming up the next weekend. You might have seen some reviews that mention Mike and how great he is with our wedding guests. If you guessed him, you've missed it by an inch. Today, we're talking about Stephen. He's a treasured part of our team here and is the kind of young man that gives us hope for the future [...]

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