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You’re married. Now what?

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Congratulations on your marriage! Your wedding was amazing and everything went off without a hitch! Except maybe that one groomsman getting a little too crazy! You're thrilled. And exhausted. And giddy every time you hear Mrs. __. Or say "my husband." It's awesome, isn't it. We should also say "Congratulations on surviving wedding planning!" Wedding planning season is a huge deal. There are a ton of elements to coordinate or decide about, even if you hired a wedding planner. Not to mention the stress that all those decisions can place on a relationship! Well, enjoy the fleeting moment, because your todo list is about to start spitting out more items like the receipt at the grocery store. After saying, "I do," there's a whole other type of tasks you have to accomplish. And, we hate to break it to you, but they're more of the change-your-life-forever type of tasks. But [...]

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Great Aunt Betty’s Vintage Wedding View

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Think about this for a minute. What kind of a view do your guests see at your vintage wedding? If you've got your wedding venue choices narrowed down to your favorite few, you probably have a good idea of what the reception area looks like. You could have eloped, but you chose to have a wedding. Why? Because your closest friends and family are important to you. And since you're having a wedding to share the day with them, maybe you should consider the guest experience at your wedding. Imagine being Great Aunt Betty for a minute. Put on your lipstick and curl your hair, then pull on the hose and check the closet for wedges since it's an outdoor wedding. Then, walk to the lakeside ceremony location and find a seat in one of our vintage pews. Enjoy seeing the canoe drift along the lake and the willows swaying [...]

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