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How to have an elegant barn wedding

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Vintage weddings with rustic flair are all the rage these days. Signs made with pallets, mason jars for drinking glasses, and slices of trees serve as chargers. But what if that just isn't you? What if you've dreamed of an elegant ballroom wedding all your life, only to recently fall in love with the idea of having an outdoor wedding with a barn wedding reception? We get it. We totally do. Wedding magazines are dripping with shiny sparkles, soft flowing fabrics, and elegance. And cowboy boots aren't everyone's idea of wedding day fashion. The awesome news is that we have created a neutral palette here at Spring Lake. It is outdoor. It can be rustic. It can be elegant. It can be somewhere in between. And it isn't difficult to make the switch from one style to the next (especially with our new wooden chairs!). Case Study: Check out this [...]

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What’s your favorite thing about vintage weddings?

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Our most favorite thing about vintage weddings is....the flexibility to create a wedding that is all your own! The decor is always beautiful, the theming is easy, and everyone gets to enjoy the great outdoors at our vintage weddings. Vintage weddings are some of our most favorite kinds of weddings, from the flowers down to the food, every detail is fun and easy-going, even in more formal vintage weddings. It can be a brunch tea party themed vintage wedding, but can still have fun vintage flair. And vintage weddings are so flexible even casual weddings can feel a little dressy without being overboard. Pairing cowboy boots and pearls still has a wedding-appropriate vintage vibe, and is casual and dressy at the same time. We love the flexibility vintage weddings can give, whatever your theme. We have all the basics taken care of. Vintage wedding church pews, handmade signs, vintage car [...]

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