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Easy Wedding Planning

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Have you noticed this gorgeous weather we've been having? It feels like every day a new plant is blooming bright and colorful. It's beginning to look a lot like Easter! The time has changed and the longer days are feeling refreshing and invigorating. Hopefully, this weather is giving you the energy you need to push through what can seem like long days of wedding planning. We know you probably go to school or have a job (or both!), and have piled wedding planning onto you to do list. The good news is we're here to help! We've created wedding packages to make your wedding planning todo list shorter. When you book our venue, you're getting a stunning venue that's already decorated with some of the cutest things you've ever seen. Wanting a vintage bicycle at your wedding? Done. Thinking you might want pictures on a cool rusty old truck? Check! [...]

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How to make time slow down on your wedding day

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You've heard it already. "Time goes so fast on your wedding day." It's true. You've spent months planning this very day, scheduling everything down to the minute. And even though you added 30 extra minutes into your schedule to visit with your guests, you'll never believe how time slips away. Everyone wants to tell you how beautiful you are, the planner wants to confirm napkin placement, and the officiant wants a word with you before the ceremony. Oh, and there are all those ceremonial pieces of the day that take longer than you think they will (did you know it can take 15+ minutes for guests to line up for your grand exit?). It might sound like your wedding day is doomed to be a rushed, stressful mess. But, we're here to give you the good news. Time can stop on your wedding day. And you can even schedule it! [...]

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Reserving your dream wedding

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We've had a few inquiries lately with people ready to book their wedding with us but they're just not sure what they need to do next. So, we pulled up an archive of a blog post explaining all the details and we pulled out the important parts. If you're wanting to have your wedding at one of the best venues for vintage weddings, here's what you need to know! You found us! That was step one and you’ve already got that part complete. Congratulations! You even have step two complete, too: checking out all the helpful information we have on the blog. Bet you didn’t think you were so far along in the process already, did you? Now you’re wanting to know all the details. When is this venue available? And, (let’s be honest) most importantly, how much does this amazing wedding venue cost? Guess what? All that information is [...]

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