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2016 Wedding Day Trends

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So you just got engaged and are beginning to plan your 2016 or 2017 wedding? Congratulations! You've got a really fun year in store complete with lots of fun decisions to make along the way. To keep things simple, we recommend focusing on who you are as a couple and what you like and stick to that as a theme. Love to travel? Like movies? Nature lovers? Coffee addicts? Starting with your own personality as a theme makes planning your wedding so much easier, but in the event your hobbies aren't exactly theme-able (or not exactly grandma approved), we're highlighting some of this year's wedding trends to keep you updated and give you somewhere to start! Glitter We've seen glitter popping up here and there lately. Even at a rustic barn venue like ours, you'd be surprised how much glamor you can bring to a wedding just by including a [...]

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2016 Wedding Colors

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You started planning your wedding. You found your perfect vintage wedding venue, booked your photographer, and then turned to planning the details of your wedding like your 2016 wedding color palette. Now what??? There are an infinite amount of color combinations, and where do you even start!? No worries! We are here to the rescue! We'll tell you where to start and then what to do. Hang on to your swatches, here we go! Pantone. What's it mean to your vintage wedding? Not a ton, except it will be easier to find wedding details in a color palette coordinating with the almighty Pantone's 2016 color forecast color. They chose Rose Quartz (soft pink) and Serenity (powder blue). It's a big deal they chose 2 colors because it's usually only one color for the year. But we think these two are a perfect combo, and if you aren't a fan of [...]

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