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The Wedding Production

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These days, vintage weddings are breathtaking. They are film-worthy and dripping with incredible details. The wedding dress is only the beginning of wedding day apparel, layering on hair and makeup artists, delicately-detailed hair pins, statement shoes and jewelry fit for a queen. And that's only the ladies. The men are usually adorned with three piece suits with vests, suspenders, stylish watches, bow ties or standard ties, statement socks and/or shoes, incredibly creative boutonnieres and likely hiding a monogrammed flask in their suit somewhere. And that's just the clothes. You get the idea. Every detail is planned out in weddings these days. It's a lot like planning a scene from a movie. There's the wardrobe department, hair & makeup, set design, catering for staff/actors, lighting, audio/sound effects, photographers, cinematographers, musicians/composers, and the list goes on. That's not even counting the director and actors. Or the grips that do a lot of [...]

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Ways to personalize vintage weddings

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You've decided to have a rustic, but romantic vintage wedding. These days, there are so many options about what that could look like. It could be full of mason jars and burlap & lace. Or it could be piled high with old books and mismatched china. We just hosted a wedding here at Spring Lake with gorgeous vintage style. We provided the touch of rustic and the blank canvas, and this awesome couple brought in the romance and the vintage style. We love it. We wanted to share a peek of it with you. you see this gorgeous seafoam green color? It's a dream here at Spring Lake if for no other reason than it matches our landscape perfectly. But we think it's also the perfect touch of romantic with a whisper of vintage. And these plates! They are so adorable! You can get this custom look by hiring [...]

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