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Staying Cool at Summer Weddings

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Even though the calendar is telling us otherwise, summer is here, my friends! We hit a warm and beautiful 85 degrees yesterday and we all know they weather will be getting warmer from there. Have you thought about having your outdoor wedding in the summer? We've seen a number of toasty days here at Spring Lake and have a few ideas to keep you cool under that heat tent - er, wedding dress. The great news is that Spring Lake is situated at the bottom of a valley, with a spring-fed lake flowing through it. Both of those things contribute to a really nice cool summer breeze through the venue. But that full length wedding dress you'll be wearing will probably act like a heater and trap in all your body heat. So, we've gathered a few of our favorite tips to keep you cool during your summer wedding at [...]

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Vintage weddings are getting even more amazing!

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If you've been to one of the vintage weddings here at Spring Lake recently, you probably noticed our little surprise that's been in the works for some time now. We think it's a pretty big deal and is (hopefully) going to make a lot more vintage weddings that much more awesome in the years to come.We're so excited to announce the addition of our brand new storage cabin. It all starts with a handsome little cabin sitting across the way. You might have seen a sneak peek of it from one of our Facebook posts the last couple of weeks. It looks so naturally placed, like it just belongs in the meadow on the edge of the forest. Is it for rent? Nope. Even better. It holds treasures. What kind of treasures, you ask? Treasures for vintage weddings, country weddings, elegant weddings. All kinds of weddings. This little wedding cabin [...]

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