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Speaking of lakeside (cont)

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If you were reading along with us last week, you'll remember we were dreaming of a lakeside wedding here at Spring Lake. (ahem) Now, where were we....You were just turning to face the groom. He has a tear drying on his cheek as you feel him gently squeeze your hand in excitement. The gentle breeze softly blows the few whisps of hair you have near your face. The officiant is talking and you're trying to listen, but you've got so many butterflies it's hard to pay attention. This moment is so quiet in your heart, so serene. You try to soak it all in because you know you'll never stand in this place doing this very same thing ever again, so you have to remember every detail you can. How it feels to stand beneath the tall Willows. The sound of the birds in the trees and the bugs in [...]

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Speaking of lakeside

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Speaking of lakeside, have you really thought what it means to get married down by the lakeside? Let us take you there on a bright Saturday (or Sunday) afternoon...Let's begin in the morning. You wake up on one of the most important mornings of your life full of excitement and a little bit of nervousness. You have an appointment with your makeup artist at Spring Lake, so you grab your necessities, call your girls (think: bridesmaids and mom/sister) and head on over to the venue. Someone will probably be around as you arrive and you tell them all about your excited jitters and unload your car while you wait on your makeup artist. Your girls start arriving and your makeup artist arrives soon. You all have lots of laughs as you're getting more beautiful by the second. And the guys (including your groom-to-be) start filing in, wearing their wrinkled t-shirts [...]

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The Lakeside Package – perfect for the lakeside

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So you've picked Spring Lake as your dream venue (we aren't sure why you wouldn't), and now you're trying to decide on which package to select. Last week we gave you a quick overview of what our packages include and we briefly described some of the catering options. Well, hang tight and grab a snack because we're about to tell you all about one of our favorite packages. It's called the Lakeside Package and it. is. delicious. Ummmm. It's full of yummy, down-home, southern food. And we're just going to say it right now: Cracker Barrel has nothing on our Lakeside Package. Yep. There. We said it. It starts off with a delicious slow smoked pulled pork BBQ sandwich. And to sweeten the deal, it's not on any ol' kind of bun, nope. It's on a yeast roll. Yumm. It's casual, but so delicious you could feed it to any [...]

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