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Georgia Vintage wedding

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If you're looking for the perfect place in Georgia for a vintage wedding, we've got just the place for you. If you're looking for a wedding venue with authentic vintage church pews, we know where to find them. And if you're wanting a place surrounded with nothing but natural beauty, we've got the perfect place in mind. And if you dream of a wedding venue where you can wear cowboy (or cowgirl) boots and a lacy wedding dress...well, you know. Our wedding venue is a refreshing sip of Southern sweet tea when it comes to Georgia vintage weddings. Yep, that's right. We've got Southern charm and vintage flair hiding in all the right places around our wedding venue. We're going to highlight a few of the vintage elements that we just love in today's blog post. But remember, these are just the highlights! Let's talk about the outside of our [...]

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Spring at Spring Lake

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Hello cold January! If you've seen our calendar, you probably know by now that we don't book weddings in the winter months. That's for 2 reasons. 1) So you don't have to get married in the freezing cold. 2) So we don't have to watch you get married in the freezing cold. And okay, one more. 3) Because we LOVE spring, summer, and fall weddings so much, who needs winter ones!!! Speaking of spring, it's only a couple of months away! I know, I know, it's hard to believe that in just two short months, you'll be working on your summertime tan and the swim suit sections will be filled to the brim with diet-and-workout-inducing fashions. And if you're getting married in spring or summer, you'll probably be thinking about shrinking into that stunning wedding dress of yours. But we love spring for more than swimsuits and diets; we love [...]

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A few of our favorite things…

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For our last blog post, we looked back at the amazing year we had for 2014. And today we are so excited about what the future holds for 2015. We know you've got some amazing plans up your sleeve and we can't wait to see them! Every single wedding is so unique and we just love each. and. every. single. adorable. one. Since it's the end of the year and all (and the beginning of a new one), we are going to dig up some of our favorite posts from 2014 for you. Our Wedding Venue Secret Sauce You'll see a lot of facebook posts from engaged couples or even families of brides and grooms commenting on how gorgeous our venue is. And they're right, we love it here. But that's not the real reason couples have their weddings at Spring Lake. Want to know our secret sauce? It's in [...]

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