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Important Snuggling.

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If you haven't noticed, it's pretty chilly outside this week. It's the time of year for chili, thick fuzzy socks, and snuggling under blankets on the couch with your sweetheart. While you're busy snuggling over the holidays, we want to challenge you to work on your marriage-to-be. Once you walk down the aisle, the party starts. It's a glorious and beautiful day. Then the sun goes down and you drive off into your future with your sweetheart. And I that's it. It's just the two of you. Basically forever. Photography by Tin Can Photography Don't get us wrong, there are definitely parts of a new marriage you can't plan for, but how well do you know your fiancé? Like, deep down know them? Here's a quick little quiz to see how much you know: Who was their first kiss? What is one of their favorite childhood memories? How many places [...]

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It’s going to be perfect.

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So, you're nearing your wedding date (the 100-days-until-the-big-day creeped up on ya, huh?), and the panic is starting to kick in. When you lay your head on your pillow at night, your mind probably races through all the things you wanted to get done for the wedding, but just haven't gotten to yet. You still haven't found the perfect favors, you can't decide if you want to go with flats or those cute wedges you saw, and did you pay the dj yet? are you even supposed to pay the dj yet? Oh, and there was that awesome idea you saw on Pinterest, but where would you even put that at your wedding? We know. There are hundreds of decisions to make for a wedding (and that's just in the first 3 months of wedding planning, ha!), and, much like a final in class, you study all the way up [...]

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