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Ultimate Wedding Guest Entertainment

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You invited your most favorite people in the whole world to your wedding. (Okay. So some of them are your mom's favorite people…but still…) And you want them to live it up and have a great time celebrating your union with your dearest sweetheart. One way to accomplish that is with alcohol. Easy and done. But what if you aren't serving alcohol (or enough to liven the party)? Or maybe your mom invited a few too many of her friends and you're afraid there will be an entire section of fuddie duddies. Then what? Never fear! Your friends at Spring Lake are here to the rescue! We've found some awesome ideas on Pinterest to keep your guests engaged while you're busy celebrating. If you're not serving alcohol for religious reasons, you'll probably love our first tip. Have your guests highlight their favorite verse in the Bible for you and your [...]

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What every groom-to-be needs to know

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Okay, Bride. Stop reading right here! Alright. You can read the next few sentences, but don't read past this paragraph. We want you to send a link to this page straight to your groom-to-be (use this link: He needs to read this and you need to not read this. You can skip past this blog post and read the next one. Mmmkay? Hi Groom!!! Welcome to what we assume is your first wedding blog post! We're going to give you some tips and secrets to make your wedding day amazing. Here's the scoop: We know you probably haven't thought of these things unless you've been to some weddings recently and been in the wedding party. We're going to let you in on a couple of secrets your bride wants you to know but probably won't tell you. #1. Write your bride a letter. Just this once. Yeah, we know [...]

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