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Hip Rehearsal Dinners

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Let's talk rehearsal dinners. They're like the pre-party where your favorite people all get together and hang out for a few hours. If your wedding is at Spring Lake, you'll have 2 hours to kick off your wedding weekend with the rehearsal on Friday. You'll all go over the schedule and practice walking down the aisle in perfect timing. That will probably take all of 30 minutes (unless you're dealing with pre-partying groomsmen or bashful flower girls). That still leaves over an hour for more festivities! You'll probably want to feed those people who have been so kind to spend time and money preparing for your wedding (think: dress/suit, shoes, lodging, travel, an entire weekend dedicated to you and your fiancé). You could take them to a nearby restaurant, but let's be honest; that's so 2005. Why not bring in a food truck and feed your peeps in style? That's [...]

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Fall Aisle Decoration Inspiration

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Check out this pin we found on Pinterest of an aisle design. Did you know you could totally do this at Spring Lake?! We even have awesome vintage pews, a cedar arch, and a lake to enhance the whole scene. Let's chat about how to achieve this look. What d'ya say? First off….did you know you can rent stuff for weddings. Think beyond the normal chairs and tables scenario (you don't really need to rent those here at Spring Lake, anyway because they're already included). Think antique furniture, darling vintage accents, amazing fabric, or super fun props for your theming. Yep. That's right, and even old whisky barrels. Or wine barrels. Or probably even cracker barrels. And to make the deal even sweeter, rental prices usually aren't so bad. And if you find a good company, they'll deliver and remove the item for you. Awesome!!!! One less thing to worry [...]

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