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Where are you going to sit?

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Reception seating plans. They can be a big deal when you're wedding planning. You want to make sure your friends all get to sit together (and not with your crazy Uncle Joe), and you want to sit with your favorite people, too. Or maybe you want to sit alone with your favorite person. There are a few lines of thinking when it comes to seating arrangements for weddings. 1. Let everyone sit with the people they already know and like. Then, you'll know everyone will have someone nearby to chat with and they'll all get along. 2. Mix it up! His family might not know your family, and you want everyone to get to know each other. 3. Let them figure it out on their own. It's a hybrid of the two. The people who get seated first will probably be sitting with their friends and family, and the people [...]

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Authentic rustically luxurious wedding venue

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So we were shopping on Craigslist the other day and came across some shabby chic wedding items for sale. Totally cool! So, we clicked the link, and you'll never believe what the first picture was of. It was a table in a conference/ballroom. Ick. And they had a burlap runner. In a ballroom. Now, we're all about burlap and mason jars, but they don't exactly belong in a ballroom, if you ask us.   We think there's something to be said for authenticity, and you definitely get that here at Spring Lake. On any given day (other than a Saturday or Sunday), you're very likely to drive up and see a tractor sitting out front at Spring Lake as we work to maintain the land around the venue. We really do fish out of the pond when you're not here, and we've even been known to hunt the fields right [...]

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