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How to begin planning a wedding

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In light of the new year (and resolutions), let's talk about getting started wedding planning. If you're like most girls (or couples), you aren't quite sure where to begin. You've been dreaming of your fairy tale wedding all your life and you want to make sure every detail falls perfectly into place. You have a Pinterest board full of your favorite vintage details, elegant cakes, and ballroom dresses (and lace dresses, and bohemian dresses, and….), but where to go from here? We think a great place to start is with a basic timeline/checklist. Like this one from Lauren Conrad. Did you notice the first thing on the list isn't your dress or even mason jars? It's your venue. Yep. That's right. It's because the best ones are already booked, so you need to get in touch with Renty pronto (770.377.6962). You'll schedule a time to come over for a tour [...]

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Weddings Old and New

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We had an incredible year here at Spring Lake in 2013!!! All in thanks to our wonderful couples and their families! We just love sharing our beautiful place with sweet young couples on one of the most important days of their life. We've shared amazing sunsets together, watched you dance your first and last dances, and even got to watch you cast off on your first boat (er, canoe) ride. We've seen the panic on your face when you realize you forgot your garter belt and the relief when you saw your maid of honor had an extra for just a day like that. We've been at the helm, watching and waiting for just the moment to show you we care by going that extra step that you never expected. We've even given you some industry secrets based on years of experience in the wedding industry. It's been such an [...]

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