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What is a wedding day first look?

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What is a wedding day first look and do you want one? This is a newer tradition in weddings (just ask your parents if they've ever heard of it) that can be quite controversial. Are you going to break tradition to see your one true love before you walk down the aisle? A first look is just between you, your groom-to-be and your photographer. Typically, your photographer will set up the scenario in a location that is beneficial for your wedding photographs. Once you and your groom-to-be are dressed and ready (and before your guests begin arriving), you'll head out to a gorgeous location on our farm property. Your groom will most likely hide his eyes until you're close and your photographer will capture the moment he sees you. You'll share a few minutes together and then the photographer will probably want to take a few photos of you together [...]

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Staying warm at an outdoor wedding venue

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So you took the plunge and decided on an October, November, or March wedding date. Great plan! Early March and November are typically off-season months for wedding venues and that means you scored a sweet deal! And now that your wedding is nearing, you are realizing that it's getting pretty chilly outside in the evenings (or even in the shade, for that matter!). We're going to talk about staying warm in the cooler months of the year at that dreamy outdoor wedding venue that you've always imagined. First, let's talk clothes. Have you selected your dress yet? If not, it needs to have lots of layers. Not all dresses with layers are big and puffy. You'd be surprised how many layers are hiding under a sleek lace wedding dress. But if your dream dress doesn't have many layers, you can always add some warm goodness under there. (Even though you'll [...]

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