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Unlimited Wedding Ceremony Locations

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If you've seen our post about ceremonies, you probably know all about our gorgeous cedar arch overlooking the lake. It's the perfect spot if you want a ceremony overlooking the lake, but what if a rustic, but formal, arch isn't your style? That's exactly what we're going to address today. We've scoured our venue to find the perfect location for a ceremony, but that doesn't mean there aren't other locations throughout our venue to offer beautiful views for your ceremony. The first location we'll talk about is under the reception barn. We've created this space to be the rainy day backup ceremony location. It also overlooks the lake, and is from a higher elevation, giving almost all of your seated guests a beautiful view of the lake. This spot is under a high pitched gabled roof (the area just above the stairs landing). It, too, is a more formal ceremony [...]

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Thinking outside the mason jar

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We've talked about the awesomeness that is a mason jar and the endless ideas of ways to incorporate them into your wedding. But let's say you're just over the whole mason jar thing. That's cool. We get it. Today we're going to explore some possibilities to free you from the norm. A great place to start looking is in your home improvement store. Yep, that's right. This little place has lots of inexpensive gems for decorating your wedding. If you head down the organization row, you'll see all kinds of fun choices for buckets. Our favorite is the simple galvanized bucket. There are so many options for this humble workhorse of an item. First of all, they are stackable, so they won't be taking up very much space as you plan out your big day. Second, you can use them to organize and transport all those gorgeous props and decorations [...]

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