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Location Spotlight: Lakeside Ceremony

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Always dreamed of a traditional church wedding but love the modern details could never compare. That's why we searched high and low to find the perfect vintage pews to line our outdoor aisle at Spring Lake. The pews are a perfect dark rich walnut color to give your outdoor wedding a timeless vibe, and they already have so much character, they look like they've been cherished for ages. Not only do out pews give your guests a happy place to sit while anticipating your gorgeous arrival, but they'll add charm that fancy banquet chairs never could. And while they're adding all that charm, they'll look great in any theme you choose for your wedding. Rustic wedding? Check. Vintage wedding? Yep. Country wedding? You got it. And after you walk down the pew-lined aisle, you'll get to stand under the cedar pergola. We've seen it draped in gorgeous white flowing fabric, [...]

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