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S’more wedding goodness!

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It's that time of year. The time when lightning bugs are out, the woods are humming with the lulling sound of summer evenings, and our outdoor fireplace takes center stage as the s'more kitchen during summer weddings. S'mores are a part of some of the best family memories, and definitely make for a fun, casual, and inexpensive entertainment option for your Spring Lake wedding. Imagine, after dinner when the lake is barely glowing with the setting sun, you and your new husband grab hands and walk down to the fireplace by the water to check in on your guests indulging in some messy s'more goodness. You can grab a marshmallow, a chocolate, and a graham cracker and make up your own little decadent piece of summer evening heaven, too. Not only are s'mores delicious, fun, and inexpensive, they're so easy to turn them into something special. You could offer your [...]

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T-h-e venue for mason jars!

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When you think rustic vintage whats the first thing that comes to mind? Besides the smell of your grandmothers kitchen? Mason jars, right? They have been making a comeback the last few years because we've rediscovered their charm and incredible versatility. Not to mention they're super affordable. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can even get them in a gorgeous teal color or vintage brown. We've seen mason jars used all over the venue in the most creative ways and want to pass the ideas along to you. If you're looking for adorable vases for your table decor, they're your find. Or if you want some charming containers to hang from the aisle sheppards hooks, they're a perfect bet. They hold local honey or homemade jam to send home with your guests. They look great dressed down with some burlap and raffia or dressed up in [...]

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Wedding Venue for Your Manly Man

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If you're engaged to a guy's guy, we're talking to you this week! You know, your guy is the kind of guy that gets his beer and buddies together to watch the game on Saturday. The guy who wakes up hours before daylight and heads out to the middle of nowhere to sit on a cold platform up in a tree to try his aim on his new bow. The guy who has a beard from October to January. He might come home from work covered in dirt and sweat from a long summer day working outside. Or maybe your guy is the type of guy that plans his weekends around what is biting right now at his favorite lake. We know. We get it. We have one of those, too. And that's part of the reason why your guy is going to love Spring Lake and all that we [...]

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